After Action Report D-GTMI

Location : Providence

Objective: Destroy the Outpost and switch sovereignty

Alliances: Systematic-Chaos ( SyS-k) Against All Authorities (.-A-.) Ushra’Khan

Number of people in system fighting ( peak): 1622

Let me start by saying the most important things. CVA and allies showed up to fight. Fight they did. Much respect for that.

Tomorrow I will post all the pictures I took.

On with the report.

I reconnected with my ship ” Hellfire and Damnation” at 20:00 EvE Time and finished my Emergency Warp to the POS tha we were staging out of. The local count stood at 250 and steadily climbed. CEPTA stood ready with all of our Directors online and operational save one. I was connected to Wensley (rifter drifter writer and pilot extraordinaire) in a communications channel so we could talk before the action started. Local continued to climb..450 now. The Outpost comes out of reinforcement at around 21:00 EvE time. SO I waited.

While I was waiting I triple checked all systems to ensure no break in communications and to minimize all the work my computer systems must do to track the hundreds of targets. As I was waiting the SyS-K fleet was launched En-route…Local still climbed 650 in local now.

I counted Dreads that (.-A-.)had brought, I counted Over 75 and lost count and had to start again. A cyno was lit and 25 more dreads came in system. Local continued to rise 775 now. Local time was approaching 21:00 and the FC for SyS-k asked for a warp to point inside the Staging POS. I “x”d up and they saw nothing…communications were starting to slow. 950 people now in local. The SyS-k fleet warped in…we had 10 minutes left till the Outpost exited the reinforcement. Local was approaching 1100.

7 minutes left and the SyS-k fleet warped onto the same grid as the Outpost. Named the “Alamo”, as a last stand reminder to the residents, we waited to see what would happen. Local pilot count hovered at 1165.

On Cue several Light interdictors showed up to try to encircle the Dreadnought fleet in Warp interdiction Spheres or “bubbles” They were barbecued by the sniper fleet. The Outpost exited reinforced and the onslaught began. Local topped 1350 people. Communication errors abounded. constant Manual firing of the guns was the order given by our FC and this is well…tedious at best.

The going was extremely slow due to the lack of any ability by the pilots to use sustained fire onto the Outpost.

Local topped 1500.

While looking at the station we saw a Polaris ship, inside it was a special guy…CCP Atlas, who had come to watch the proceedings.

Atlas joined the fray and local spiked again to 1600+.

The station shuddered and Armor peeled off of it inch by inch. The Tachyon Beam I was using were not even stressed ( In reality only firing every 45 seconds or so) After an inexorable amount of time Structure hit 50%.

FC chimed in.” all pilots align FSW gate , multiple targets on grid, many bubbles are lit. Warp to 0 and engage.”

“Roger” I chimed in CEPTA channel I said…”lets roll guys Add people to the watch lists and lets vaporize em”

Checking in during warp with Wensley I asked how it was going? He replied as I thought he would..”bad lag mate but we are ok for now..”

We arrived at the gate to find a Dreadnought fleet and a few support ships and battleships bubbled. I counted 35 enemy Dreads. FC piped in “eliminate the support fleet and then the Battleships fleet then the Draeds.” “Keep Points on the Dreads, interdictors keep em bubbled up”

Several of our tacklers chimed in we have 2 Dreads that we have pointed when their pilot tried to initiate emergency safety warp. Our FC said…” roger…keep em pointed and we will get to em”

The Turkey shoot phase of our operation began. I turned auto repeat ON and removed the cycle timers view and this improved response time from my guns. Let em rip boys let em rip. I chime into Wensley’s channel “25 + dreads pointed and bubbled at the FSW gate.”

The Outpost is destroyed now…I see this message flash across my screen,

Switching Crystals ( normally a 2 second thing turned into a very long 2 minutes) but with MF crystals in the Dreads pointed, and Panic filling the air.. the calling of Targets began, and continued …and continued.

23:00 Eve time local now stands at about 900. Guns are cycling well and hundreds of wrecks and the pods fill the screen. We hunted down the remaining dreads out interceptors had pointed and we eliminated each and every one.

The TCU is obliterated, the Sovereignty changes from CVA to unclaimed.

D-GTMI is done.

Carnage lays all around. CEPTA is unscathed, no one was lost. Fleet checks in we lost 2 guys. A flycatcher and a interceptor. I check in and the battle was VERY one sided.

Totals for all you numbers geeks like me.

[table id=12 /]

Now Our battle report is not 100% complete but it paints the picture to be sure.

510 Kills Almost 30% of them capitals vs 10 losses

That is 103 Dreads down and 28 Carriers (1.5 Billion roughly per dread, and that’s a poor estimate, 1 B per Carrier)

~182 Billion isk

GF gentlemen.

Oh and as a reminder your good friends .-A-. named the station “God forgives, Triple A does not”

Never in my life have I seen such panic and silly things being done by cap pilots ( logging off, warping to gates, all bunched together just waiting to be obliterated) I almost felt bad…for 1 second.

I would HATE to have been on the other side.

Kirith, you have my condolences mate.

Galen, the same thing Bro

FYI…Dotlan maps has some stats that are incredible

  • Ship kills in the last 24 Hours 1285 kills
  • Pod Kills 1098 kills

~ by Manasiv5 on January 29, 2010.

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  1. Good fuckin’ battle report. I like to hear CVA suffering…it warms my cockles…

  2. 1600+ in system…. you guys are nuts! :))

    Even though I think it’s crazy I’ll have to experience it one day.

  3. It was a great fight. The node never went down, but the lag was horrible. Hats off to CCP for getting 1 of the two major fleet fight issues solved, node stability.

    The -A- killboard has a great battle report at:

    516 kills so far, 14 losses. 241 billion isk destroyed, 1 billion isk lost.

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