After reading Xipos83’s I have been thinking  why do I have to report from a neutral point of view?

This has come up in the past when we were fighting Bricks, or Goons or someone else, I have had a comment or two about “this is not fair reporting”.

Fair reporting.  As I can see from being on the front lines, along with Kirith, Ice Wolf, Hitch, WensleyJordan, YargokTheJaguar, Wotlanker all have a point of view.

Why shouldn’t they?

When possible, I report based on facts. Kills, losses, all generally get reported, but I AM NOT neutral, nor do I believe I should be.

DO I report OUR losses? Nope. Nor will I.

Do I report our blunders? Nope.

Do I report anything that could be used by the enemy?  Perhaps, but only in some rare cases.

Why Manasi why don’t you report everything?

The enemy reads my blog is why.  Operational Security is PARAMOUNT, ergo I generally give an after action report and while i do my best to say good job and not flame anyone who lost it is obvious (at least to me) where I write from.  How many alliance leaders would tell me shit if they knew I would broadcast info around the Internet?

So lets recap:

I do not report bad stuff happening to SyS-k or CEPTA, I do talk about myself at times when I lose stuff.

I generally speaking do not write to embarrass anyone, you step out onto the field,  that’s saying something… I won’t laugh in your face as it takes guts to fight.

Your run away from a  fight like a coward and I will write about it…I do not respect cowards.

two special notes…

  • I like Xiphos83 and his post just got me thinking… for that I thank you!
  • I also like Kirith Kodachi , Galen, Rettic and the others from CVA side, look at my comments on their sites and you will see that I sympathize with their losses.

The Mule Fire-suit of superior ruggedness is donned..Flame on!

~ by Manasiv5 on February 2, 2010.

10 Responses to “Reporting”

  1. We are supposed to be engaged or driven by emotions and why write dull facts when we have an entire fiction universe to play with šŸ™‚

  2. Goonswarm is done. Kartoon disbanded it.

    Check out our conversation with a Goonswarm guy tonight.

    Goonswarm is done. Kartoon disbanded it.….

  3. I don't see why anyone should expect war participant blogs to be even-handed or complete. I mean, I don't think you should lie or anything, but you're not a real life journalist (or even an EVE journalist), and even if you were, it's not like journalists are unbiased when reporting on wars. I find it annoying when people demand that others live up to unrealistic standards.

    • Just to reiterate. “Reporting” by combatants SHOULD include lies, half-truths and all other forms of deception. Having said that, they should be coordinated with other avenues of information flow to have eh desired affects upon teh target audience.

      • "…with other avenues of information flow to have the desired affects upon the target audience."

        Apologies for the spelling – not enough caffeine left in my brain right now.

  4. Good points.
    I will have to think on what I write so that no enemy can use the intel to their advantage.. (that is, posting jb routes etc)

    I dont think I have so far, but being used with blogging from a low-sec pirates PoV I never thought much on giving up intel.

    But I agree, we should be biased, as folks read your blog to see your PoV.. as I´ve found with looking over the reports the D-GTMI there are plenty of views from both sides šŸ™‚

    A report too neutral is often a bit boring and just statistics šŸ™‚

  5. Generally speaking, war reporting by the combatants is necessarily restrained due to OPSEC and I think most readers understand that. I would be careful IRT "cowards" as there is often a very good reason for a tactical withdrawal, not the least of which is orders from on-high to do so.

    Also, keep in mind that any "enemy" reader worth his salt should also be aware that blogs like this can be exceedingly good venues for deception campaigns and other IO-shaping activities…just sayin'.

  6. Gotta love the war reports at the moment, was kinda hoping to join in if my corp hooked up with CVA, but not sure if its going ahead now šŸ˜¦
    best reports are never the dull x kills to x loses, a bit more opinion makes the reports worth reading, in my opinion of course šŸ™‚

    • Astral there are PLENTY of good Corps willing to bring new people into 0.0. You do not have to settle for anything that you don’t want. If you want to live in one gonna stop ya..just know that they are kinda on the receiving end of a beating ATM. P.S. I would not want to be against Ushra’khan no matter where I lived, as CVA has been for a while..

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