So feed 'kids' sugar and ask em to wait

Many aspects of EvE are phenomenal.  I do not wish to change them one bit.  This growing pain over fleet fights is finally somewhat explained although the Why’s are left to us to discuss.

Here is the blog link…go read it

I was in the fight with Atlas in local in D-GTMI.  The picture are my proof.  now we know at least what he was doing.  For the that, I am grateful, that CCP is taking the time and energy to fix this issue and that they are taking it seriously.

Dev responses to posts are not evidence that they are taking things seriously.  Actions are.

I read the post and while full of some VERY good info:

(control-shift-alt-m) Node has a timer of 8 minutes.

If there is a number in the “Outstanding” row that means that the server is busy executing your command.

Finally we have a way of telling what is going on. Thank goodness.

If you have waited for 8 minutes for the grid to load you will not recover. If you have the monitor open and see the Outstanding number drop to 0 and your grid doesn”t load then you have no choice but to relog, and even that might not fix things if the server is still overloaded.

Ok so we open our monitors sit and watch patiently and wait for 8 minutes if the grid loading is an issue.

My question that went unanswered is …what is the source?
Why is this happening NOW?

My thoughts on this come from practical experience in a very large system that I work in. When we upgraded to 64 bit code on our MS SQL boxes we just about had a meltdown. No joke, the systems were responding so slowly that it took several WEEKS on 24/7 crunching just to keep them up and stable. I do not work on the DB but one of the guys responsible for our “fix” is a very talented guy that happens to work in my group, so the insight was both valuable and credible in my eyes.

So now we know they are working on the problem, they have some temporary workaround but wait the last little niggling thing:

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are in a system with heavy lag is that you should not hammer any buttons and you should try to execute as few commands as possible. If you are waiting for the grid to load the worst thing you can do is click buttons on the interface or chat in local.

Mr. Jon Bjarnason…what your asking people to do is stare at a screen…touching no buttons, while voice communications are going telling you that your buddies may be ‘dieing’ and you want people to be patient?

I will try my best but dammit your asking adults, hopped up on adrenaline, hearing their friends ask for help, and you want patience….

Good luck with that my friend.  I will try but good luck with that.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 4, 2010.

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  1. I tried to write a comment that would be short and concise from my point of view, but failed continuously. So here is what I came up with, and yes I am wearing a flame-retardant cup.

    The heart of what I want to say is
    A.) At least CCP says there is a problem. They also attempted to even the field by "revealing" secrets the lag experienced already knew.
    B.) they had a stress test of Dominion before deployment, less than these(1600 people) numbers showed up and the system worked "well."
    C.) CCP has had to overcome lag problems before after major deployments, and HAVE been able to, let's give them that chance now.
    D.) Avoid "gi-huge-massive-largant" fights if you can. If you can't, like everything else in eve, "htfu." hehehe I always wanted to say that, but what I really mean is Lag sucks right now, but by engaging in large fights, especially now, that is what you signed up for.

    Now back to my 10-20 man gangs and roams. o/

    • Thanks for your thoughts. My problem with CCP is that they provide NO framework to use the system they have designed..and no 1600 ppl did not show up to test. The most people ever in system was in D-GTMI, somewhere around 1622 or so…I was in that fight. They design the system the players use it. Give us some guidance and now I won't HTFU it is stupid of them to come up with this shit to begin with and MORE thought should have gone into craft the sov system we would use…

      • Precisely. Fundamentally, CCP designed a system which encourages both sides to get every available ship into one system and onto one grid to duke it out. You can't realistically expect both sides to voluntarily sent only 400 ships to the fight – Game Theory 101 says they'll both cheat (since both sides know that if they don't cheat and the other side does, they lose), bring extra, and cause the lag.

        Even if CCP solves the lag problem in Dominion, what's going to happen 2-3 expansions down the line if EVE Online gets bigger? Same-Grid Load is basically an n^2 problem – handling 2000 ships isn't 25% harder than handling 1600 ships, it's 50-60% harder. So even if CCP engineers come up with a magical solution that makes everything better, we'll still hit a ceiling down the line.

  2. I agree, it's very hard to stay patient in that situation. It's more than a little annoying to wait for the grid to load for minutes and then still not be able to do anything when it does. Then when you have to wait a matter of minutes between each gun firing your patience tends to wear thin.

  3. There are many issues with Microsoft SQL sever when it's migrated from a 32 bit os to a 64 bit os, not the least of which is latent 32 bit code and/or stored procedures. They will reek havoc on your performance.

    CCP may have moved their data to a 64-bit OS, but it's clear that they did not update everything to a 64 bit infrastructure. They will get there, just not fast enough for us.

    One of the things that helped us in the D-GTMI fight was the FC reminding us to stay patient and not to keep clicking things. Seems that there are people who already knew what the dev blog just told us to do.

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