Not 100% death and destruction

SO in an Op last night I got to play secret agent man and go on a solo mission for the FC.  Kinda cool, and not something I do every day.

Oh yea, and the I-hubs are well sorta bugged. We keep getting a repetitive reinforcement timer on 2 of them.

Anyway Secret mission went well.

In an Effort to drive up our industry counter we did a day long mining op

took some pics:

Not all death n destruction it seems.

Oh yes I almost forgot that  I did pulverize a Curse with my Apoc.  Mr. Curse driver, avoid getting in my optimal you fool…just a tip.

🙂 Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 7, 2010.

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  1. Getting Industrial Index up is way harder than getting Military Index up. I think part of that is because loot from things like Drones drive down mineral prices too much, and part of it is because CCP didn't really theorycraft this really well – the requirements in terms of ore harvested to unlock belts are way higher than they should be. At the mining levels required to boost indices, you'll clear the bonus belts hours into their 3 day timers.

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