Blueprints for success

For many months, I have been training to become an effective pilot in almost any ship I can think of.  A short time ago, I finished the training fro T2 Large Beams, T2 Large pulse’s I had for a while but needed the beams to help me snipe at range with an Apocalypse.

Primarily Manasi can fly all Caldari sub-caps, all Minmatar sub-caps, and all Amarr sub-caps not including T2  industrial ships. I happen to LIKE variety and many people I know, get to a fight..lose their ship, and are well… stuck.  I tend not to be stuck as I can pilot just about whatever I can find.

In addition to this, we build ships for our front line guys and this helps me understand the nature of each ship.  Having built hundreds of Rokh, Tempest, Maelstroms, Apocalypse’s gives an idea to the nature of the ship. Ship bonus’s count we build towards enhancing that bonus. Notice the Gallenete one’s I am missing …I am working on that…

Wait, wait, wait… I know some of you will say what happened to focus on ONE type and train it THEN switch.  Well that is pretty much what I have done.  Caldari ships were first, then came Minmatar, lately Amarr, Gallente will be the last one.

The Winning Combination ( from my point of view) is this:

  1. Learning skills
    • Take the Advanced learning to 2-3 to start with
  2. Engineering skills
    • Anything that improves your tank here be it shield / or armor
  3. Electronics skills
    • Targeting skills are the call of the day here
  4. Navigation skills
    • Speed speed and more speed
  5. Gunnery skills
    • don’t fly any ships until you can fit PROPER guns
  6. Ships

I know what you will say..Manasi that means I will be paying for a character I cannot use.  If you think that, then your mis-understanding me.  While you wait for your skills to grow master the frigates, then the interceptors ( interceptors require skill) over 1/2 of my kills (455 ) come in a  crow/raptor/stiletto…learn to fly them. Once your skills allow you in a  higher class of ship then go to that, but ONLY after you can shoot the damned GUNS. Once your gunnery skills allow you to get into the next class of ship THEN go there.

Wait, wait, wait Manasi why did you spread your skills so much? Well they are spread across different races of ships but for the most part they are all combat ships. I have flown as many different types of combat ships as  I can, in various different fleets to be come effective at knowing what they do, what to call primary, and what to ignore.

I want to FC and I want to do it effectively is why. Not just hop in command and call targets…that I can, and have done in the past.  I want to FC EFFECTIVELY, and to me that means studying ships I may come across.

Understanding the enemy, is crucial in this game, and when there is 230+ ships to fly in hundreds of combination’s the math gets dizzying.  I keep on learning. Understanding the motivations of the enemy is also important (hence, my keeping an eye or two on politics)

~ by Manasiv5 on February 8, 2010.

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  1. I agree – doing Learning and support skills first is very helpful later on. The problem however, is that for people just starting out, they really want to dive right into stuff. They don't want something that'll pay off in a few months, because they plopped down $20 for their first 44 days (or 51 days with Buddy System), and they're excited to dive into the game. They don't want to be told that their best way forward is to hold off on flying Cruisers or Battlecruisers for a month while they do Fitting Skills and Weapons Skills, they want to get into the action, and I can't blame them. It's hard for someone on Day 5 to really worry about how skill selection now impacts getting into a ship on Day 245 instead of Day 260, because they're not sure where they'll be on Day 45.

  2. mmm the Crow

    I have 1246 kills on record, of which 642 of those are me in a Crow. I've been training to not just fly this ship well, but fly it excellently 🙂

  3. I adhere to the same approach and development as you stated. I do notice though that you did not write down the missile skills. I presume this is just an overlook.

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