Dramiel : AAR

After Action Report.

Ship Class : Dramiel


  • 2 X 200MM Autocannon II’s w/ Barrage
  • Arbalest Standard Missile launcher  w/ Caldari Navy Bloodclaws’s


  • AB II
  • Gisti- B Microwarp Drive
  • Domination Warp Scrambler
  • Warp Disruptor II


  • 2 X Overdrive Injector
  • Damage Control


  • 2 X small polycarbon Engine Housing
  • Small Capacitor Control Circuit


6566m/s  (not overheated) MWD

2369 m/s (not overheated) AB II

Guns Range +/- 14 KM

Point Range  24 KM

Scram Range 12 KM

All in all one very deadly package to engage.  She took down 8 ships  on a Roam Saturday the 13th, The fleet of 14 Dramiels killed approximately 41 targets, losing none.

Definitely had to alter tactics a bit…her orbital velocity is so extreme that you really do have to play with orbiting to figure out where to orbit from.  One Dramiel in our fleet ( another CEPTA  pilot) got his overheated Dramiel to 13 Km/s.

The reduced sig radius with the AB was a huge benefit…people tried to engage me but their lock was so slow they died before they could engage me. The switching from MWD to AB was seamless, and provided a hell of a kick.  One thing to note…your drones do go too fast you have to kick off the MWD to get em back in the hold.

We jumped something like 55-60 jumps and wound up all over the place, catching nuetrals as they would come through our camps.

Here is a run down of one of the kills

Myrmidon jumps in

8 Dramiel’s orbit him at aprox 9K and lay down the pain with Auto-cannon’s + flood of drones

4 Dramiel’s orbit him at 15KM and lay down the the pain  with 250 MM Artillery + drones

The Myrmidon dies in 6.5 seconds.  Not even enough time for the medium repper to cycle once.( 12.0 seconds less with skills) but still.


Yea the Myrmidon is setup a bit oddly, but being the one battle cruiser I normally do not field I certainly thought she’d last longer than 6.5 seconds

One hell of a Nasty ship


~ by Manasiv5 on February 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “Dramiel : AAR”

  1. That's pretty cool, man. Frigate Frenzy!

  2. havent seen anything interesting in your kill though – ships with same price and same number can do same job easily. you could bring 7 bs for the same money and they could kill that "full t1" bc. If you have 20+ ships against one there is nothing odd that you get fast kill. I think dramiel it is "expensive toy" of course it can do the job but you could use for it any t2 ceptors. May be 1vs1 with another ceptor this ship will be able to show great advantage but it is a big risk to use it for 1vs1 pvp since it can easily deteriorate into 1vs2

  3. Holy cow. Did the Myr even have time to kick out some drones? Yikes.

    Having been on the receiving end of an interceptor in a BC, I know they are an absolute pain. I never could get lock (although I was armed for a heavier engagement).

    Nicely done.

  4. The combat stats are really good, but that's not how I use it. I'm crazier than that:

    [Dramiel, Gilles Villeneuve Edition]
    Domination Overdrive Injector
    Domination Overdrive Injector
    Domination Overdrive Injector

    Cap Recharger II
    Cap Recharger II
    Cap Recharger II
    Gistii A-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive

    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]

    Small Auxiliary Thrusters II
    Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
    Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I

    Cap rechargers are used only as radiators. 9691 m/s with overheat. It could get faster cuz I couldn't care less about the stacking penalty, but the polycarbs make the thing nimble even at Ludicrous Speed. Yes, it goes plaid !!! :)))

  5. Yea, i get the 'slow' feeling going from the dramiel to ANYTHING else, even some other inties, taranis, im looking at you, although i did manage to burn back to a gate from 200km in my ranis with a dramiel pointing me and shooting me the whole way, I got out with about 25% hull !!.

    Watch out with the agility with so much speed, you will turn like a brick. Any other dramiel who is a competent pilot will be very able to get close enough for a scram as you will take too long to turn and get away.

    • hate to disagree but she is very agile 1.76 inertia. she aligns as faster than a crow(3.03) and has more than 2X the tank

  6. Excellent operational ability with this ship … The double fit propulsion and point make it a extremely hard to kill except to ships specifically made to take down interceptor ships such as the Rapier.

    As important — This ship feels fast .. you'll get addicted … every other ship in the game will feel like a Battleship with triple armor mods after you fly this for a couple of days. You'll take out a cruiser or bc and wonder where your speed is….

    • HAHA you are quite right..others ( even mt lovely stiletto and crow…do feel slow) granted they dont cost 70+ M but yes it is nice to know i have a VERY capable ship if needed.

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