Cruiser fight & Errata


So some good friends in SyS-K have asked CEPTA to come to a T1 cruiser fight.


  • T1 modules only
  • T1 cruisers
  • Rigs allowed
  • Faction Ammo allowed
  • No more then 3 ships of the same type

We have been furiously crunching numbers determining setups and whatnot.

Counters and counters to the counters. Much strategy and time has been spent determining builds, referencing builds, crunching numbers.  All in all very good fun.  We are still finalizing the Date/Time, but it should be sometime in the next week or so.  I will keep you all posted.

Some strategies have come to mind:

  • ECM heavy ~ the Blackbird has some surprising range
  • RR setups ~ the Osprey/Aurguror are quite capable of decent Remote Repair

Watching some great videos of old fights and such, tournaments 4-7.

Determining what pilots to bring is always tough.  We have many pilots who can fly any race of ship, making sure they are all on at the same time is the trick.  I will fill in more of the details as I can…we are trying to keep some things on the ‘down low’ as it were. CEPTA will not disappoint, we never do.


The good folks at Lonetrek have been awesome and help me out with a small issue I had..speed on the reply was awesome and I cannot repeat it enough how nice this is to have with a hosting company.

Some folks have commented about all the war reporting (they didn’t like it) in Providence…hmm well I guess to each their own. I like knowing what is going on in the EvE universe.  If that is your thing check Galen’s list or read Wensley’s blog.

Other folks were wondering what all the hype about the Dramiel is…go fly one… then come back and talk to me.

People also did enjoy the “lol spam” I am saving more for the future.

TC for now and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on February 18, 2010.

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