Results of our challenge ** with Video **

Last week another very good corporation within Systematic-chaos, decided they would issue a challenge to CEPTA, their name ? Silver Snake Enterprises, or SSE.  We have known SSE a very long time and have come to respect them greatly, so we wracked our brains, came up with plans and set wheels in motion.

We had three schools of thought:

  1. ECM
  2. Remote Repair
  3. DPS

Now here is a little question…what do you think we would choose?  If you know anything about CEPTA or the way we fly, or our killboard stats, you know we can field at least any of these setups.

The rules:

  • T1 Cruisers
  • T1 Modules
  • Rigs
  • Boosters

Our Fleet setup : fitted with the best named (meta 3, meta 4 gear we could find)

[table id=13 /]

So if you could not tell we were fit for Maximum DPS.

SSE’s fleet:

[table id=14 /]

SO they were HEAVILY into ECM, as a matter of fact I was jammed about 80%of the fight, which is ok, as that meant the others ( namely the Omens/Stabbers/Thorax… just wrecked em..)

I was on a few killmails due to my good Warrior’s doing me proud.

Some fun stats

  • Fight length: 3 Min 30 Seconds
  • Cost of each f our ships (+/- 220 Million per ship) that is the cost of a fully T2 fitted HAC/ or RECON!
  • Each of us had at least 3 implants if not more
  • Ruptures had Over 29K Effective HP.
  • Every pilot could overheat and use boosters and all were level 5 at both guns and  weapons

ALL in all some awesome fun.

The SSE guys fraps it, as did one of our guys, so once that becomes available I’ll link it.

Final thoughst:

SSE brought out the jamming option ( which is one of the things we considered at first) we went with pure ganking DPS, we had a spectacular fiht and really enjoyed it , but DAMN was it expensive!

My next blog will tell you about my first engagement with my Carrier..:)

Take Care, hats off the SSE, and good fight all.

UPDATE here is a video!

~ by Manasiv5 on February 22, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like fun. I like the simple max dps setup and I'm looking forward to hearing about your first carrier action!

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