Manasi's rig

Per Mynxee’s request on the Tweet-fleet I took a picture of my home rig.

I saw some others and WTF? Everyone’s else’s pictures are all perfectly clean…I mean come on dammit where it the true lived in look?

Left computer is my tablet…middle is my 24 Inch monitor… right is my 19 inch 4 X 3…notice ( it is dark the left of the main monitor) the EVE mug I won.

My headset is in the foreground, maps are in front of the screens

24 Inch monitor is to the left, then the 19 Inch…the picture was painted by my mother so if you hate on it your eyes will burn out in flames.

Just a note… if you hate on the American flag I will shoot you, you hate on the cow w/American flag ill shoot you as well.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 23, 2010.

20 Responses to “Manasi's rig”

  1. I'm behind the times, but I'm glad I read the comments here about that cow. The title of the work pulls it together in a way that's not immediately obvious from just the visual, which is very cool.

  2. Great space!! I have an American flag hanging in my art studio. How do you like that wrist rest? I was thinking of getting one.

  3. I like it. Proof that the lived-in look doesn't have to be ultra messy. 🙂

  4. Trackball sighting!


    My kid digs your mom's painting. "COW! COW!!!" 😀

    • HAHA yes indeed a NICE big trackball for me 🙂 Great eyes…I am glad yoru kid likes the pic. I'll relay that to my mom…wonder how that convo will go..Hi Mom you have a fan on the internet…"the internet? why would I have a fan?" Oh don't worry mom, they fly internet spaceships….LOL

  5. I’m gonna to get a hand on my gf’s digicam 🙂

    Nice headphones man 🙂

  6. I see you also have a Steelseries Siberia V2 headset, have one too, love it (Except for the fact it starts hurting after a while, does that happen for you too ?). other then that it looks like a pretty solid setup.

  7. Love it! Nice set-up and…uhh cow/flag motif. No, really, it’s a bold statement about…uhh US beef products? No hate.

    • well I'm a very patriotic guy, and my mom is learning to paint and she put the animal she is learning ( a cow) on something I love …the flag…ergo "independent voter" is the title

  8. Actually that cow picture is awesome! I think it would be perfect for my office at work 🙂

  9. DIET Coke? I always knew you were a girly man, manasi.

  10. No hate, but I'm gonna have a hard time calling you the Mule anymore every time i think of that cow from this pic… 😀

    • sigh…yes that had occurred to me but well , my mom painted it and I love American flag etc…so.. oh well. I am still a MULE

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