Death in Providence

Friday night We attacked R3- in Providence.  Apparently a Crown Jewel of CVA

  • Dropped the I-Hub into Reinforced
  • Destroyed their ” defensive perimeter tower” that was offline.
  • Dropped the Station to Reinforced
  • Dropped the Cyno Jammer..which WAS well defended.

Nice shot of the 9 titans -A- used in the latter part of the op.

bye bye "Crown Jewel"

Engaged in a big fleet fight in Y-MPWL

This kill started the fight:

A juicy Charon in A bubble?  Thanks we will take that

3,068,038,272.00 asset loss + the ship


142 KIlls lost 3…we jumped into the system THEY had blockaded..

More reports will fill in.

Props to the Scorpion Pilot who jammed me repeatedly..once i had 150KM wrecks to warp to your jammers were useless.

Long and Short

The Alliance known as CVA is broken, when they fight (which isn’t often) they get annihilated, they make silly mistakes ( Charon to an enemy occupied gate ) and when they get engaged they do NOT focus fire.

Pro tip #1 : Don’t offline your protection doesn’t work so good then.

Pro Tip # 2: When an enemy fleet is next door don’t bring a Charon loaded with Tons of stuff and expect it to live when he warps into your own bubble.

Pro tip #3: Don’t engage an Apoc with a Scorpion 1 v1 and expect to live long.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 28, 2010.

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  1. Don't you feel guilty shooting cva ships?

    its like kicking a dog with three legs.

  2. auch

  3. I never cease to be amazed at the stupidity of some pilots in EVE. Please, stupid pilots, do not stop flying space pinatas :)))

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