Welcome to the new Blogpack Members

So CK released his list, some people dropping off of it…some asked to be removed, but many new ones added.

1. A Ghost Blog
2. A Merry Life and a Short One
3. A Mule in EVE
4. Astral’s EVE Trial by Fire ~ New!
5. Beginnings of Piracy~ New!
6. Captains Log (The)
7. Chocolate Heaven~ New!
8. CrazyKinux’s Musing
9. Deafplasma’s EVE Musings
10. Dense Veldspar
11. Diary of a Bored Spaceman~ New!
12. Diary of a Pod Pilot
13. Ecliptic Rift
14. Elitist (The)~ New!
15. EVE Monkey
16. EVE Newb
17. EVE Online Wormholes
18. EVE Travel~ New!
19. EVE’s Weekend Warrior
21. Finders and Keepers~ New!
22. Flashfresh – a pirate.
23. Freebooted~ New!
24. Guns Ablaze~ New!
25. Hands off, My Loots!
26. Helicity Boson
27. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah
28. Jump on Contact~ New!
29. Jumping through Wormholes
30. K162space
31. Kane Rizzel – a Pirates Perspective
32. Kirith Darkblade~ New!
33. Learning to Fly~ New!
34. Letrange’s EvE Blog
35. Life in Low Sec
36. Mike Azariah – A Missioneer in EVE~ NEW YES he is new to the pack! ( I been reading him a while!)
37. Morphisat’s Blog
38. My Loot, Your Tears~ New!
39. Our EvE~ New!
40. Planet Risk Show
41. postings from the edge
42. Rettic’s Log
43. Rifter Drifter
44. Roc’s Ramblings
45. Sweet Little Bad Girl
46. Tales of Clan Oriana (The)~ New!
47. To Boldly Go~ New!
48. Venoms Bite
49. Wench with a Wrench~ New!
50. Yarrbear Tales

I added a great majority to the list I have but some I could not find, perhaps I will find their links soon.

Welcome aboard everyone…remember to link to each other as you can and try to help each other out.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 1, 2010.

8 Responses to “Welcome to the new Blogpack Members”

  1. I already was a member of the Blog Pack before this. šŸ˜›

  2. Not to be complaining, but . . . I'm new too.

    Well, actually I am old, but new to the pack.


  3. Posting here because my work place's firewall doesn't like CK's site šŸ™‚

    I'm looking forward to read the new members' blogs, and of course reading the good ol' ones! On that note I'd like to thank Spectre3353 for failing at quitting EVE, and Letrange for failing at quitting the blog pack !!!

  4. I'll have the Pack listing updated with all the links shortly. Just have to get this RL job outta the way first though! :p

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