Catching people up

For those just new to the pack I thought I’d do as others have and bring you up to speed.

I started playing Manasi started on May 30th 2003. 29 days after launch. So yes I have owned him from the start

I stopped at about April of the next year (2004)

I restarted in Oct 2007.

Way long time ago I was a miner ( as were most people that was how you made money way back when)

I shifted to entirely PvP focused starting in about Nov of 2007, with the group Vahalla Navy Technical Institute, based out of YXIB in the edge of the Vale of the silent area in the north.  In April 08  we got word things were going to change dramatically , we switched to the Corporation CEPTACEMIA. I have been their ever since.

In the beginning of my PvP carrer I knew nothing but thought I knew something as I could run  level 4 missions solo…

Hence rule number 1: Missions do not mean shit as far as anyone’s ability to do anything.

I also thought the drake was the best ship in the game Hence rule 2 : Drakes are good for some thing but leave them home for PvP.(see rule 3 for exception)

I thought missiles were the preferred means of killing stuff Hence rule 3: Leave your missiles at home on the bigger ships (BC + above) unless they are Heavy Assault Missiles..HAM drakes are nasty.

I know I know your going to think this guy just doesn’t think drakes/missiles etc are good for PvP you are right, are there exceptions? You BET, remember these are my observations , they do not have to sync with yours.

So I cross trained to Minmatar, and trained, and trained, and trained.  Hence rule 4 : Minmatar are VERY skill dependent and take TIME to get good

Then came the infamous speed changes to ships and well sadly the vagabond and the others I were trying to fly were well… no longer uber pwn mobiles.

Hence rule 5: Stop chasing what OTHERS say and do what you want to do.

Along the way I have learned a tremendous amount about Pvp in the 0.0 environment.

My bookmarking guides are still used quite a bit as these really are lifesavers in 0.0 space

I have gathered a few alts : A carrier pilot, a Research Pilot and some new Cyno pilots.

I like comments.

I am stubborn as hell [I prefer to think of this as determined as hell ] but others may have different adjectives,( ask anyone in my corp they will probably agree and if they do not well they do not know me well)

I am now a Director in a smaller PvP corp in the 4th Largest Alliance in game ( Systematic-Chaos) CEPTA was one of the founding corps in this alliance and although we are not tremendous in number we rank right near the top of the alliance with the number of kills.

We bring a dedication to our causes and have been involved in many notable fights including:

  • 1st fight for C9N 7/20/2008
  • 2nd Fight for C9N 11/22 – 24/2008
  • 3rd Figh for C9N 12/20 – 24/2008
  • Destruction of a  Burn Eden Titan
  • 1st Battle for 49-U6U vs GoonSwarm and Allies (GoonSwarm Delve invasion) 3/15-27/2009
  • 2nd Battle for 49-U6U vs GoonSwarm 5/5-11/2009
  • 1st Invasion of TPAR 11/14 – 21/2009
  • Defense of A1- from GoonSwarm  1/4 – 6/2010
  • 3rd battle in 49-U6U (while IT took fountain)
  • Assault on D-GTMI 1/23 – 2/3/2010

All in all a ton of good fights against some enemies both hated and reviled but well fought.

I certainly have learned a great deal, and can only hope for more.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 2, 2010.

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  1. My favorite rule – #5. All these internet spaceships are oh, so shiny!!! 🙂

  2. I just realized… I am in the Valhalla Naval Corp, that is the grandson of your old corp… You're my grandpa! Ha, just an interesting thing I noticed.

  3. Thanks for the catch up, I knew most of it but always good to get 'caught up' again.

    IMO a Drake is like any other ship in Eve, it has positives and negatives. Although it is probably the most versatile BC in the game, it also happens to be one of the first ships a Caldari pilot can fly. Which doesn't mean they should. I think so many fail Drakes is why it has the rep it has, I've been flying the darn thing for over a year now and I'm still not 100% satisfied with it. Since then I've also cross-trained other ships and gun skills, drone skills, etc. What I've learned is what I said above. No ship is great for everything.

    Good stuff.

  4. Gotta disagree on a Drake's utility in PVP. Yeah, HAM Drakes are nasty – I've used 'em from time to time myself – but heavy-missile armed Drakes can be useful, too – I've played bait-scout in a Drake before, and held off five people – an inty, two frigates, a cruiser, and another Drake – for five minutes until my buddies came in and took them out. My shields held right around 75%, and I managed to get the cruiser's shields down to about 25% with my heavy missiles before my backup arrived.

    Plus, I've taken Drakes on many successful gatecamps and roams. I'll grant that a Drake isn't *perfect* for any situation, but that hull has a hell of a lot of utility, in and out of PVP. Just my opinion, anyway.

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