Carrier engagement!

For those not living is Esoteria or Stain region or Paragon Soul and various system there, C0ven and Stain Empire have decided rather than fighting IT ( which was always a losing proposition) that they would fight us. Bad move indeed.

Last night we engaged them in the system of HHQ-M1

The fight was recorded the fight but I have not yet found it

Battle stats are still not in yet but for the first tim ever I was able to bring my Carrier into the fray and try my best to engage the enemy.

Our fleet:

  • 2 Super Capitalss
  • 35 Capitals (Carriers and Dreads)
  • 130 Battleships
  • 50 Support ships

We engaged C0ven fleet and killed 77 of them from 23:39 to 24:39.

Engaging in my carrier was an exercise in mild frustration. I kept launching fighters at targets but they would fire one volley and then go back to idle.  Never having used fighters in capital ship combat I confess to being somewhat unusually confused as to why they would not engage repeatedly.  I kept hammering away and did bag one Apocalypse Battleship.

I was able to rep some people so I think I helped a bit in that regard.

I think I need to move with the pack of Carriers next time as some of the others pilots did grab more kills than I but I was exhilarated at actually being able to deploy the carrier in combat.

Things to note for next time:

  1. Stay closer to the group
  2. Put a Scan res and a targeting script in the cargo
  3. Practice practice practice

I wrote a bit about C0ven and SE but frankly it is not worth the time. They are red and deserve destruction.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 3, 2010.

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  1. Here's to hoping IT and the SC keep out and let you guys have some fun. Should be an interesting match, Sys-k vs SE/Coven.

  2. Woot for more target practice in Eso! It was getting boring down here. =)

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