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Lots of buzz over things going on with Sys-k and SE & C0ven lately.  I cannot, nor will I, go into too much detail here.  While searching I ran across a new wayto view the relationships within the larger/ and smaller power blocs in EvE.

This was found on the Kugutsman forum:

Politics ( whether you like it or hate it IS a big thing in this game and has some far reaching effects in EvE.

Sys-K is  near the top left, Atlas near the bottom left, .-A-. is near the middle left side.  The right side top part is the NC (northern coalition).  The bottom left is notable for the CVA powerbloc.  According to most accounts they are falling apart and want to fight to the ‘last man’, GL with that.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 4, 2010.

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  1. It's based on what alliances self-reported, so it's probably missing some obvious connections, or even some alliances entirely, if those alliances decided to keep their standings a secret.

  2. The cool thing about that plot is that it shows the difference between the northern and southern powerblocs. The north is a very tight unit with all parties there friendly to each other. Meanwhile the south splits in about four different blocs each with their own friends and foes.

    One thing that stands out is Atlas' crazy renting policy! Why can't they just make a renter alliance like most sensible space holders?

  3. I miss EvOke on the sheet, or am i to stupid to find them? oO

  4. Impressive!

  5. Wow, that's pretty cool. Nice find.

    (Props to whoever put that together. I hope they used some sort of graphing tool and are not just a bored crack head… XD )

  6. Every time I see a link analyis chart it makes my head hurt. They are exceedingly affective at quickly assessing a situation, but as noted in coments above, begs a bazillion questions about the type/depth of relationships along those associative lines.

    Example: Since we're all players in a game, it begs some analysis of player-player relations in the links, i.e. XX Corp hates YY Corp, because Bobby hates Sally. So, if you could influence the personal dynamic, you could influence the corp dynamic. In other cases, it may just be alliance-policy ("We're looking for moar GFs") or past interactions, positive or negative, that have led to the current state of affairs.

  7. There are data analysis tools that plot diagrams like this from data in a spreadsheet or database. Likely they used one of them. Pretty neat looking.

  8. I thought U'K was blue to -A-, but they are not linked. I want to know what the links are based on. It is still a very cool visual!

  9. Is that based on blue standings, I suppose?

    Lots of ways to create this sort of graph; my personal favorite for SNA is GraphViz.

  10. While extremely helpful to figure out where the smaller alliances stand in regard to the larger ones, its way to dam crowded to figure out the standings between the smaller alliances.

    For example: Reckoning and Cult of war are shown close to each other and because the lines there are thick as locusts, you can't see that we are neutral to each other.

  11. Nice find. could do with some colout coding and indication of relationship status (freindly/neutral/hostile/ allied etc.) but otherwise wuite interesting. Did they say what they used to amke it?

  12. Wow, that's a pretty cool representation of the relationships

  13. THis is just crazy!! Love it! Nice find Manasi!

  14. The amazing part is that someone has the time to put something like that together. Amazing.

    And you're right, gl to everyone in providence, you're going to need it.

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