Avoid Bomb Damage

Thursday night, a Corpie lost his Daredevil to a bomb.  In a effort to understand why I created the following chart:

[table id=17 /]

In an effort to help people ( and my corp mate ) I determined the following:

  1. If a bomb is launched turn the MWD off…!
  2. Double propulsion will save you…if you see a bomb to avoid it kick off the MWD and light the AB
  3. if you have the MWD ‘lit’ your dead. ( Your larger sig radius will help kill you)
  4. No need to orbit a gate w/MWD on…which brings up a  point, why do some interceptors orbit the gate..I find it not worthwhile, as invariably the target is on the other side when he appears.

To determine how much damage you divide the explosion by the signature to see what percentage you will take…anything more than 400 means you’ll take full damage.

Keep in mind that the explosive resistance of the shield is 56% with a DCII (which effectively doubles your number of shields) so that means you could take 2 bombs and not really get into armor much.

Bomb Radius is 15KM

Flight time of normal bombs is 10S, Lock-breakers and Neutralizers are 7.5s

If you have drones out and a bomb is inbound, avoid lighting their MWD’s if you can a “Return and Orbit” was what someone suggested. Otheriwse when they light their MWD they will evaporate.

This also work for you Interceptors as well, same math applies.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 6, 2010.

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  1. The converse of this is that one should have a few cheap AB/Scram fit frigates stashed away at a wormhole POS and if you get stealth bombers have the local population switch to the frigates and go hunting (I have a personal preference for the MSE Rifter setup for situations like this but that's me). I've been bombed before in one of those and the effect is like being tickled. And if a bomber makes a mistake you'll make short work of him.

  2. With an intercepter that doesn't have the benefit of a fourth midslot, just kill the mwd untill the bomb has exploded and then swich her back on if your not shot by the thing your pointing? Or perhaps try and burn away from the bomb?Never really been in this situation though i guess the first one and just coast untill the bomb has gone off and hope you don't decelerate two much..? I guess avoiding the bomb damage is priority as it's certain death then if ur still alive worrie about being under guns :p.

  3. No AB DOES not affect the sig radius…that's the whole point.

  4. Wouldn't any returning drone light its MWD?

    AB could also be problematical as it plumes the sig as well, no? Not as much maybe, but that is something to consider depending on the number of bombs about to go boom.

  5. Very good point, but don't go helping people avoid all my bomb damage 😛

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