More fiction just because I have not written any in a while.

His hand moves leisurely up her leg, achingly slow, she wished it to move faster.

Straining, wanting that hand to touch her.

She breathes loudly, moaning softly….please…..

An alarm sounds, communications chirp softly…ma’am your needed at the hanger deck.

She looks over to the other side of the bed and notices no impression there.. nothing …yet she can still feel a light pressure where his hand had touched her…damn  when is he coming back?

Almost on cue, Manasi contacts Jenelle.  The video is just sensational his wife, wearing a such a flimsy garment, shows enough to still be considered wearing something, but little enough to be considered scandalous. She says she must get ready for  a meeting on the promenade with some hanger managers. Bursts of colors from her tattoos show underneath the sheen of the garment,  the tattoos , the knife sockets in her leg just give her such a  unique quality he whistles low…

“Wow you certainly look great, how are you doing honey?” Manasi asks.

“Lonely” replies Jenelle,” come back to visit me.”

2 Hours later

Via  clone jumping Manasi is settled into his new body, He makes his way to the hanger and meets Jeffrey, “Hey bro!, how ya doing?”

“I have been well, but Jenelle is moping around a bit the last couple of weeks”, says Jeffrey.

“Yea the Gallente drone training cycle is a pain in the ass, but that will not be forever”, “tell that to her, she seems rather down a bit.” says Jeffrey. “I will do that Jeff, hey look for some rigs to speed this crow up a  bit would ya?”  says Manasi.  Sure replies Jeff, ” I’ll drop em in her for the return trip, you here for 24 hours or longer?

“Probably 24 but maybe more”, Manasi replies.  He makes his way down the hallway towards his and Jenelle’s Quarters takes an lift and walks by where he remembers Jenelle works out here at the Hedion University station. He stops and  looks through the steel framed window and see Jenelle, swirling around at breakneck speed, her daggers flashing, hair twisting and stares for several  minutes. Deep in a co-ordinates series of movements she lunges and twists.  Her tatoos becoming visible as a subtle iridescent shade of blue, he still is captivated by her.

Behind him, a station worker walks by and says to him “be careful, I know that her husband will not like you staring and he will eat you for breakfast”, “oh?” Manasi replies, and the man stops.  “Yea, word is she is married to this guy named ‘Manasi’ who will eat you up and spit you out”.

While standing there a third man joins in.  He is large , about 2 Meters or so tall, burly and scarred…”my lord she is just so do-able, if I found her in a dark alley, she would drop to her knees and just take care of me.. You know what I am saying?” says the third man to the second.   He continues “man I should just walk right in there and throw her to the mat, and give it to her till she cannot stand any more..”  His eyes sparkle as he says this, rubbing his hands.

The second man wears a tag that say Jarek, and he says, “Obviously you do not see how well she handles the blades there friend ” he grinds the last word out.  “Besides, you know her husband ?  He flies so many different ships, and is older than most pod pilots around, and has forgotten more than you or I would ever know, and oh yea and he is immortal” it all comes out in a rush of words Manasi.   He chuckles inwardly.

“So they say” says the third man licking his lips like he is contemplating something.  Before Manasi can react, the smaller man Jarek, taps the man on the shoulder.  ” Mrs. Forsythe is a very nice woman, she treats all here with great respect and dignity and you of all people should remember that, without her you would be nothing more than a blast furnace fuel!”

At this, the large  man wheels around and throws Jarek against the wall, about 10 feet away, the smaller man rolls a bit but still takes a hard hit. “Oh yes, I know her husband well, says the third man”  Manasi puts him clearly in the thug category.

“You do?” says Manasi, “Oh yes I do.  He is a pushover, I will take his wife and have my way with her.” Says the thuggish man.

Behind him the door opens and Jenelle smiles when she see’s Manasi. “Excuse me ma’am”, says the thuggish man, “I was wondering if you would not show me those moves of yours…”

“hmmm” She moves over and helps up Jarek.

In a blink, she is standing next to the aggressor, blades drawn, in a stance that Manasi knows means she is deadly serious.

“Why did you harm this man, Malator?: Jenelle asks sweetly.

“Jarek steps around  in between Jenelle and the thuggish Malator and says “Forgive me Mrs. Forsythe, I apologize for any interruption. This man..”, he motions to back to Manasi ” was watching you practice.”

She gently takes Jarek’s  hand he just sort of melts.  “Quite ok Jarsek, I appreciate all the help you have given me, but that is my husband, and if he wishes to stare at me and cause a commotion I guess he is entitled.”

Jarsek blushes, and is pushed out of the way again by Malator who tried to grab Jenelle.  Before Manasi can reach the man, a dagger flashes out and slides across his jaw. He howls in pain.

Jenelle stands over him and says,  “I have seen the lust in your eyes, Malator, I have seen you stare at me hoping to catch some glimpse , wanting to touch me and the likes of YOU.. will do no such thing. She wipes his blood from the edge of her daggers “I have killed Minmatar stronger than you, Gallente Smarter than you and even Amarr who have tried to touch me without asking.  You show me no respect and were it not for the fact that Manasi asked me to hire people that I knew who needed work, you would be destitute were it not for me! You are piece of trash.”

Malator raises his hand to hit her and again the daggers flash, three lines parallel to each other run down the side of his face dripping blood.He snarls at Jenelle, “this insect here ” pointing to Manasi “is yours?”

Manasi reacts this time. “I am Manasi” he roared in the man’s face, “I should take you to the airlock and walk you out into the emptiness, what do you say to that?”  This stuns Malator as he realizes Manasi can do just that and wake up again in seconds, while he will simply evaporate away as all the moisture is drawn out from him. You come by to stare at my wife and expect me to do nothing  you good for nothing pile of crap! I’ll go open the Airlock on this level and you and I can go take a stroll shall we?  We shall SEE who wakes up again!”

Malator blanches some and started stammering, “umm sir, I did not know you were here”, finally realizing all the bravado in the universe means nothing to a man that cannot die.

“You walked over and were talking to me about my wife, you misbegotten pile of shit,  get out of my sight, leave this station, tell your mother, if I remember, she may remain but if I ever catch you here again I’ll walk out the Airlock with you”, Roars Manasi.

Clearly angry about what was said about his wife.  He skulks off towards the infirmary to get some stitches

“Hello Dear, sorry for the surprise..” Manasi  leans over and kissed Jenelle, gently on the cheek. Making friends still I see..”

Jarek replied, ” I am sorry sir, but I never met you before, my apologies for that ummm Malator there..”

“What did he do here?” Manasi asked questioningly.

“He was part of the security group that your wife detailed to your chief engineer to protect some Cargo hauler” replied Jarek

“What do you do?” asked Manasi.

“I am just a clerk for the station manager…” he replied meekly.

“Jenelle, do we still need that Chef of Staff position filled ?” asked Manasi to his wife.

She smiled knowingly “Why yes, I think we do…”

Manasi looked at Jarek, “Move yourself, and any family you have to the Chief of Staff’s Quarters, down from Jenelle’s and my quarters if you would, You are the new chief of staff”.  Simple as that thought Manasi, a thug smacked down, a good man promoted.

He communicated to Jeffrey  about Malator and Jeffrey simply said “I’ll take care of him.”

Jenelle reached out and hugged the Jarek and he jumped back a little, “Relax dear, it is alright, if I wish to hug someone Manasi will not mind at all..”

Jarek turned  he turned beet red and stammered “I just didn’t want to umm you know make you dirty, my hands are not clean…” She ruffed hs hair then and hugged him again.  “It is alright I’m not gonna bite…”

He stammered you did have some knives I thought?”

Manasi laughed out loud, “Oh Jen leave the poor man be he has just seen you stand toe to toe with a guy, and  cut him faster than most eyes can see and he may be a bit frightened.”

‘ Oh shush, I will do what I want.” she replied.

Manasi winked at Jarek “Could you bring your family to our stateroom tonight?”

“I have a two daughters, and my eldest girl’s boyfriend staying with us, may they come?”

“Of course” replied Jenelle, “see you at 19:00 then.”

Once inside their quarters Manasi could hold back the urge to touch her any longer he grabbing her he pushed her against the wall and lost track of time.

90 minutes later, many decks below Jeff banged on the outside of Malator’s door

A drunken “Whahhddaya wan” came form the other side

“Open it” replied Jeffrey to the station security guards he had with him.

The door slid open, inside was a gruesome mess, there was a huddled heap of a young girl on the bed. The quarters had been torn to hell, the young girl was bleeding, for everywhere, it seemed. Malator stood before them without any clothes blood dripping from his hands, and from a set of stitches on his face..  Jeff walked up to him, and  knee’s him in the groin and he collapses, bad thing s had been done to her, Jeffrey knew by the look of things, very bad things.

Jeffrey knelt next to the man who had tried to assault his friend’s wife ( an equally stupid move) and saw the three recently stitched but still bleeding knife marks ” You soon would have wished she had killed you..” he said.

“Send him on the next freighter… in the cargo, makes sure he has food, but not too much, and water, but not too much, and send him to 111-f1, so Manasi can deal with him”

He picked up the young girl… no more than 15, she whimperes and he notices the small tattoo on her neck, this was Jarek’s oldest  girl…” Oh shit” thought Jeffrey , Manasi is going to be pissed..

…Minutes later

At 16:30 Manasi showed up at Jarek’s door, “I am sorry she was hurt, will she be ok?” he asked a visibly harried Jarek.

“I think so, your wife got here the moment the medical technicians did, and I am not sure what was done to her except that she was bleeding, from…” he could not complete the sentence.

“Ok we will take care of her physically and if anyone can help her emotionally it is my wife”

“but I have no money” he said…

“I do… don’t worry about it” replied Manasi.

Jenelle cradled the girls head and whispered comforting  words  to her, “he caught you where?”

“He was near the infirmary and I saw the blood, so I tried to help him but he was so big and strong, He, tok me to his quarters he did things… ”

“hush” Jenelle whispered “nothing that we cannot mend with some time.”

I saw that he had a black eye, “Did you give him that?” asked Jenelle

“Yes, but he just laughed at me..”

“Good for you, you fight back” Jenelle said wiping away some tears.

The girl tensed..”did he make me pregnant?

“No child you are not pregnant.” Replied Jenelle after getting the nod from the technicians.

“What do I tell Gavin?” she moaned.

“That you fought him as best you could, dear one” said Jenelle.

” I have watched you practice…could you teach me some things?”

“of course dear if that is what you wish, of course.”

1 week later

Malator was trapped in this damned can.  He had vomited repeatedly, from the jumps he lost count near 35.  His mind twisted,how was of getting out but? He knew he would die if he opened the door.  Something itched at the base of his back and he just could not find what bothered him.  Then came an change in sounds thrusters fired..hard.  They reversed thrust knocking him down into a pile of his own filth.  Damn he thought what could be worse.

The door opened and Malatrp  reacted, or tried to he could not move, or talk he could blink and hear, what the hell was going on?

Manasi approached , with his arm on someone’s shoulder.  The girl… he had taken! Oh how he relished in her misery, but he could say nothing.. but grunt  a little. Someone brought in a personal lifter, they hoisted him out of his own filth and moved him to a shower where they turned it on.

“Good at least now I wont gag”  when I smell him said Manasi out loud.

Bethany had healed, at least physically but she struggled looking at the man that had stolen something from her. She seethed with anger at herself for trying to help him when he was at the infirmary.

She touched a data pad and he could finally talk… just as he is about to scream at her she said, very calmly, “Give me one reason why I should not throw your ass out into the vacuum of space and watch you blood boil out of you.  You will have only 1 minute so you better make it count.”

“Your minute starts now.” She started looking at her wrist.

He gasps, “You cannot be serious!”

She said “You have 55 seconds.”

He retorted  “but… I have committed no crime”

She replies calmly “You raped me several times and never got permission to even talk to me form my father, or my boyfriend,… you have 50 seconds.”

He laughs  “we are in Empire and sadly little fresh girl, that isn’t a crime you can prove. I’ll just say you wanted me to.”

She replies ” We are now no longer Empire and 0.0, there is no law.  Manasi and his people run this station and we operate under their rules. You have 45 seconds to tell me why I should not Airlock you”

Fear seeps in to his voice…” They own the station? Where am I?”

Manasi responds: ” 111-F1, in Esoteria, 63 jumps from empire”

Bethany says “You have 30 seconds…”

He responds “What do you intend to do to me”

She says simply ” Flush you out of the airlock, unless you give me a reason not to…20 seconds”

He laughs and says “you were not good anyways, crying and whatnot”

He does this in a desperate attempt to provoke the young girl.  She says implacably, “10 seconds”.

Manasi says “This  conversation is over..he will not be flushed out the airlock, instead I will jettison a can at the Sun and he can burn in the can till it explodes.”

Remove the spinal blocker from him I want him to feel every second of it.

“Jeff ready my ship so they can see his end and we can be done with this”

Malator tries to scream when  he realizes they have had a blocker jacked into his spinal column at the middle of his back.

She says, “good riddance, I never want to see his face again”

…Minutes later

The heat the insufferable heat, all the water they gave him in this can was just a trap, it vaporized to steam and burned him, the sides are white hot…the air there is not even enough to scream with.

To the casual observer a cargo container explodes.  To those in the know, justice has been served.

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  1. Heya,

    A little offtopic, just wanted to give a shout out and let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. As of a few days ago I am also flying under SYS-K colours and it will be interesting reading about the exploits that I will also be involved in. Keep up the great work.

    Koff Tar

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