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Freebooted is looking for a way to catalog some of the blogs in the pack , and after my reintroduction the other day I thought I woudl help a brother blogger out.  Cause I’m a helpful mule not just a stubborn one.

A Mule in EvE , started out a personal Diary of my travels through EvE.

Over my  time in the pack, this blog has morphed a bit into a place where people can come and read about 0.0 from someone who lives there.

I use categories to try to give people clues.

I try to offer help to new people in the categories: “Game Mechanics” & “Lessons Learned” & “Overview Setup”

I Offer different views on ships from a Large Alliance  PvP perspective: Giving way to the Category: “Ship Info”

I write editorial views on thins happening in game: “War News” as well as things out of game  “OOG news” and “Patch Changes”

I have written some fiction and although I’ve not written fiction ever i my life at least I get to try. Category is “fiction”

Every now and then I ask people their opinions about the site in the “Web Changes” category

My writing style is 1 part stream of consciousness, 1 part I gotta tell people what happens to CEPTA & SyS-K and 2 Parts ” Damn people need to know something” + an extra heaping of mule’ish behavior over certain things (not liking Drakes for PvP as an example) + a dash of  spicing of pretty EvE ships.

Manasi is  an older Character ( May 30th, 2003) SO I have seen the game change Dramatically, and while I do not reminisce much, I sometimes compare & contrast.

I’m stubborn kinda like a good cat/dog is stubborn at always waking you up at 3:00 AM for hearing a squirrel and thinking it is an intruder but I gotta go wake the master who is sleeping soundly kind of stubborn…

Hope this helps ya Freebooted

~ by Manasiv5 on March 12, 2010.

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