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I get asked questions quite frequently in both Corporation and other chat channels, so I thought I’d share my answers to the most common ones I get.

What’s the best PvP ship?

A: There is no one best ship, there are some great Frigates, Cruisers and Battleships.

Frigates : Minmatar Rifter or the Amarr Punisher.

Cruisers: Amarr Omen, Minmatar Rupture, Gallente Thorax & Vexor

Battleships: Amar Apocalypse, Gallente Megathron, Caldari Rokh and the Minmatar Tempest

How do I make money in 0.0?

A: Several ways and use them all to make decent money.

1) Sell stuff at decent costs to the Alliance Pilots, whether it be Ammo, Ships, Minerals, whatever, fully fitted ship contracts are great, only add 15% markup for market hubs(Jita, Rens, Tash Murkon ) or the customers will not pay. Supply jump fuel, or POS fuel. Look for a hole and fill it. Runs Anomalies, with friends to clear them faster.

How can I get better at PvP and not lose my ship?

A: You cannot get good at PvP without loss. You can study opponents, you can plot ways out of trouble, you can even practice. The best lessons come with loss, get used to it.

I have no money so how do I PvP?

A: frigates cost almost nothing, cruisers are also low priced, insure your big ships. Start small in the frigates until you know how to tackle a guy without being immediately blown away. When you get enough experience learn the weapons systems in your cruisers, and fly them until you feel confident and are capable of fielding T2 Weapons. Start small and move up in ships gradually so that you develop a cushion of money.

I have all T2 Mods in my ship but cannot seem to do well, what am I doing wrong?

A: Not all T2 mods are the same. T2 Jammers provide zero benefit over the meta 4 versions of the T1 Jammers and they use more power. T2 Guns however reach farther and use LESS energy. T2 armor plates are equally ineffective at providing increased protection, the meta 4 T1’s are excellent.

If there are any questions I might answer for you, good reader..please let me know by commenting šŸ™‚

~ by Manasiv5 on March 22, 2010.

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  1. I have to take issue with the idea that Tech 2 guns shoot further and use less energy. By the numbers, Meta 4 guns (I checked all lasers, projectile and hybrid, small to large) have identical ranges and tracking, but use less power and cap (where applicable) than the Meta 5s. Faction guns use less, as well as faction ammo, but, and I don't know why, Meta 4s are better all around. Double check the numbers, but I think the Tech 2 need is a myth.

  2. I've got T1 frigates to burn and a desire to start PvP. Where is a good place to begin?

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