T2 Guns:Legend or Myth?

Zurakaru Ze http://zurakaru.wordpress.com/ wrote a very good comment about T2 guns and their comparison to the Meta 4 version of the T1 Guns.

In response to his question I decided to post instead of add my comment.

**##in the first iteration of the Table I used Manasi’s skills ##**

13:05 PM EDT **## I changed all the skills to 5  in the chart##**

I fired up three ships:

Rokh, Apocalypse, Tempest

I loaded them with T1 and T2 guns, and tracked four things:

  • Grid ~ people that cannot fit the T2 gun could perhaps fit the T1 Meta 4 guns
  • Optimal range ~ the most damage is done in Optimal range the longer your optimal the higher likelihood you can do your best damage
  • DPS ~ Damage per second a measurement of how much damage you can do over time
  • Cost ~ how much in ISK do they cost

Then I summarized the findings in the last column:

[table id=18 /]


After the initial test of with Manasi I redid my numbers to set all of them to level 5 the same conclusions were drawn…

The whole reason to train T2 guns is their ability to use advanced ammunition types.  YES you can get close to the Advanced ammunition types with faction gear but it is costly.  SO I stuck with advanced ammo versus the standard types.

I stated yesterday that you have a decrease in power grid, this is incorrect, there is an increase with T2 and while not always big it can make the difference.

The real difference between them comes down to 2 questions.

  1. Will you use the faction ammo or the standard ammo?
  2. Is money an issue?

Advanced ammo/Crystals are certainly worth it.  The higher range/ higher DPS across the board make it universally appealing. Without a doubt the advanced ammo makes the T2 guns shine but if your not going to use it…I would encourage you TO use it but if not… switch to the T1 Meta 4 guns.  If the cost of that advanced ammo is key, then you need to examine if the cost of the ammo over time will be less than the cost of the T1 meta 4 guns?

The Rokh is the most glaring example of this  cost difference, 69Million isk MORE for the T1 Meta 4 guns …that my friends is a ton of Ammo you’d have to shoot to overcome that cost differential, but if you cannot fit the T2 guns they will undoubtedly make a killing off of you.

The Apocalypse is an excellent sniper and the T2 guns do give you10% more DPS using radio crystals but again if your not going to use the Aurora crystals use the T1 meta 4 guns.  For those wondering, I do use Auroras and keep radio’s as a backup that way I never have to stop firing.

The Tempest  I always fit with T2 Guns and Advanced Ammo 137K optimal is too close to a Warp Disruptor on a POS, therefore I always use Tremor and T2 guns on the Tempest.  That extra  distance is critical..plus having a long falloff I want to always shoot in Optimal when I can.

Hope this helps some of you out there determine what gun type is best for you given certain type of ships/guns.

The T2 Guns allow for the Advanced Ammo with REALLY makes a difference, for every 4 Apoc’s using Aurora we equal 260.2* 4 = 1044.8 DPS, or 7 Apoc’s with Radio crystals.(actually 7.03, I did round)


If you use the Advanced Ammo, T2 are the way to go… if you use standard Ammo T2 is still good as it give you a 10% damage bonus when all skills are trained up. T2 is the way to go!

~ by Manasiv5 on March 25, 2010.

11 Responses to “T2 Guns:Legend or Myth?”

  1. Should also look at the short range guns. ACs and blasters in particular. My alliance does short range BS fits, and a big reason they want us to train tech two guns for AC is to use barrage ammo, which lets you fit to about 45 km or so in falloff versus just 30-40 or so falloff with tech one ammo.

    Blasters to become especially useful on the rokh when you have tech two neutrons firing null out to 30 km. You can match that with Tungsten in Modal Mega blasters, but a little less damage.

  2. Your analysis was very nicely done and quite plainly demonstrates your point. I appreciate a thoughtful post that aims to breakdown assumptions and build on fact instead of feelings.

    Great post, I will use this as a benchmark for some of my future work.

    Thanks for taking the time to author such a useful post.

  3. Thanks for the breakdown, Manasi. I didn't consider advanced ammo, only faction. That makes a difference. I was trying to squeeze a T2 in not too long ago replacing a Meta 4 and couldn't. That is when I started to look more closely at CPU/Cap hits. Well done.

  4. The original version of the article (still cached by capsuleer) makes no mention of the 2-10% damage bonus.

    You're going to get flames fro iPhone users for a bit.

  5. T2 are better than the Meta 4 options. I don't know what skill set you used for the t2 comparison, but the t2 spec skills actually increase the damage of t2 guns, and only t2 guns, only at a 2% buff per skill level.

    This means even without using the advanced ammo you get better dps and performance out of the t2 versions of the guns using the same ammo.

    Meta 4 items are so much more expensive and for that matter rare that it makes them not worth their price tag.

    Closer ranged guns show this a bit better than the long range ones as the DPS differs a bit more.

    This DPS difference translates out to range as well, giving you more effective DPS from t2 guns than from meta 4. That with the cost of Meta 4 vs t2 makes t2 the better choice nearly universally despite the possible difficulty fitting t2 vs meta 4.

    I am still sold on t2! For both PvP and PvE

    • got to say Logan's right, what skills were u using for the specialization, because fact ammo on the t2 with spec 4 will sohw a pretty big dps difference from meta 4…

      Also as he said you might wanna compair the short range weapons to more planely see the dps difference even bigger.

      • You and logan seem to think that I want people to use the T1 Meta 4 guns, that is true ONLY if they use Radio crystals w/ the Apoc.

        I used My skills which are level 5/4 across the board. The only one that might be skewed are the 425's as I do not have the specialty above level 1. The Apoc tho I have Large Beams Spec level 4… Good points about the specialty skills tho 10% at level 5 is nothing to ignore.

    • I want people to use T2 Bro, whether you missed that or not that is indeed what I would prefer.

      • Ahh sweet, well then we agree! I just got confused from the final line of your blog!

        "If you use the Advanced Ammo, T2 are the way to go, otherwise use T1 Meta 4"

        Damn TL;DR!

  6. I agree, unless you have the isk to support your love of high meta gear/faction ammo you should train up t2 as quickly as possible.

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