Iron fist in the Velvet Glove

I have been quite busy in the last few days, much as a single legged man in  an ass kicking contents with LODRA guys all around ( yes it is a small joke at the expense  further disintegration of the EvE Goons)

Brought out some of my more Esoteric ship types of late:

Kitsune ~ Small light and fast and not terribly expensive good jamming platform.

Curse ~ Terribly expensive neutralizing beast of a ship.

Abaddon ~ Wow does this thing tank well, hits like a Mack truck and tanks like a Panzer.

Rook – nasty nasty Jammer.

Oh yes and I was the Support FC ( for a while) and got to kind of stretch my legs there, nerve wracking but fun.

I also got to do some of  the “cloak and dagger stuff”. Went zipping around everywhere in my nice ole Cheetah, trying to see what I could see.  This is certainly not a game style  I paid much attention to before… but if I am one thing. it is a guy that likes to see a project start, and then work on it through to completion. Once I can release info on this I will.

We wish dear Mynxee only the best of luck, for those unawares she  left the Hellcats and went to Noir, I for one, cannot say as I blame her for wanting to actually play the game versus organizing and coordinating, as the HR director in CEPTA, I do see a fair bit of organization and coordination, but nowhere NEAR the amounts the CEO’s do. No, Mr. Tremura (My CEO)  I do not ever want your job.

I know your thinking “what the hell does the HR Director in CEPTA do?” ( it is just one hat I wear amongst several)

  • I yell at people and tell them they are bad when they are bad…or if they are good
  • I criticize them when they bring the wrong ship to a fight ( *cough Caldari * cough *cough)..and prasie them when they bring a good one 🙂
  • I generally try to listen to folks that have a legit thing to prattle on about
  • I do background checks
  • I track everything our recruit pilots do…or try to at least..the EoM (Eye of Manasi) is upon thee

If you have heard the term “an iron fist/hand in a velvet glove”, well most of the time to get to be the Velvet glove…Ok I admit that sounds worse when I say it like that, but every once and a while BAMM I get to be the iron hand. Generally I’m not just a soft mushy type, but there is a softer side to the “DAMN the torpedo’s” full speed ahead Manasi, that most of you don’t get to see.  Just ask Mynxee about mules if you see her I am SURE she can explain

~ by Manasiv5 on March 29, 2010.

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  1. Caldari is the "wrong ship" yet 2 of the 4 ships you mention above which you recently flew are Caldari. What's wrong with this picture? 😉

    • it was an inside joke with some of the readers: The Caldari have excellent Jamming ships and Very good "specialty" ships as well, I just don't like missile boats in PvP…the Rook I flew was HAM fitted.

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