T2 Guns: Legend or Myth.. Part 2

One of the comments from the other day with the T1 vs T2 Legends or Myth posting was to see a breakdown of  short range guns.

I used the same ships with 2 additions ( the Megathron & the Maelstrom). For those interested, I did run those  numbers as well and included them in this, the second chart.

I kept the Tracking Computers and Tracking Enhancers ( where a second TC could not be put in ) (especially on the 4 Mid slot  Apoc’s) The Tracking Computers were loaded with Optimal range Scripts.

[table id=19 /]

As before the T2 guns really do help.

Notes about the chart:

The Megathron really shines with the Void ammo but be aware that outside of roughly 26KM they will have to change Ammo types.  Once they do though they will still hit with big numbers.

The Apoc Really can reach out and “touch” you even with Mega Pulse Laser II’s

The Tempest was added in addition to the Maelstrom as a comparison.  Not to mention that I wanted to keep them the Tempest to match the last chart.

If your going for short range, T2 Guns Really pay off.

Racial notes:

  • Amarr have excellent range with Radio Crystals in Mega Pulse Laser II’s
  • The Rokh is  a very very nasty blaster boat with surprisingly good optimal range
  • The Megathron will indeed ” melt your face off” at close range and can still pack a punch at medium ranges too
  • The Maelstrom is better in this role than the Tempest, but not by an obscene margin, use the Maelstrom for the up close work and the Tempest for longer range.

These builds had very little if any thought to the tank they were simply for demonstration purposes that even at short range T2 guns are the way to go!

** Letrange brings up a GREAT point the ammo types really do matter, so I edited mine ( in the Minmatar projectile to be the 20% tracking mid range ammo, Nuclear)  The fact is that these numbers above, are the MAXIMUM numbers possible, your will vary a great deal depending on type and speed of the target etc.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “T2 Guns: Legend or Myth.. Part 2”

  1. A few missing pieces of info:

    1 – CPU
    2 – Cap Use
    3 – Overheat ability

    For example, comparing Mega Pulse II and Mega Modulated Pulse:

    Mega Pulse II: 53 CPU
    Mega Modulated Pulse: 40 CPU

    Mega Pulse II: 40 GJ/cycle
    Mega Modulated Pulse: 32 GJ/cycle

    Mega Pulse II: Heat Dissipation Rate 0.02
    Mega Modulated Pulse:Heat Dissipation Rate 0.01

    The meta4 Pulse Lasers use less CPU, less cap, and can overheat for longer than the T2 Pulse Lasers.

  2. Very nicely put Mr. Mule!

    I don't know of many pilots who use void anymore. With Faction Antimatter, most use Null(longer range t2) and fed navy or caldari Antimatter so maybe include the numbers there?

    • well faction ammo actually covers the entire range and gets beyond the scope a little bit..yes Void has it drawbacks. As for the Faction ammo I do not include it as this is just an overarching guide of sorts. Yes the faction ammo is tremendous in both it's breadth and depth, of what it offers a pilot perhaps I'll do that for part 3 🙂

  3. Humm the only problem I have with your Minmatar stats is your choice of ammo for comparison. I'd use Nuclear or Depleted Uranium instead of Carbonized Lead. Almost no one uses the 3 long range ammos in auto cannons. The +20% tracking on the mid range ammos make them highly useful when trying to nail smaller ships so they do see some use. The optimal bonus on the long range ammos is almost pointless on an autocannon it does not significantly improve the range.

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