Decentralizing the Markets?

I have been reading the Dev blogs with regularity, and I have been thinking a bit on the “why’s”.  It dawned on me after seeing that POS fuels could be produced within a given system (provided that the right planets exist to actually manufacture products)

Further  reading through the spreadsheets about the new PI models in testing and I noticed  the   Commodity/General items that are involved with Production inside the existing PI model on Sisi…the one that stands out is the 1st item below Construction blocks(this is part of the Sacrilege_Blueprint that I pulled from the EvE wiki). It seems that this could be something, that may in the future, be made on planets with PI.

Commodity / General
Construction Blocks Construction Blocks
Commodity / Construction Components
Fusion Thruster Fusion Thruster55
Radar Sensor Cluster Radar Sensor Cluster
Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Nanoelectrical Microprocessor
Tungsten Carbide Armor Plate Tungsten Carbide Armor Plate
Antimatter Reactor Unit Antimatter Reactor Unit
Tesseract Capacitor Unit Tesseract Capacitor Unit
Linear Shield Emitter Linear Shield Emitter

So it would seem that perhaps CCP is steering us AWAY from “everyone go to Jita/trade hubs to shop model”.   As a dweller who lives VERY far from a trade hub, I can only applaud this supposed  move. In addition to that, the ability to make POS fuels in certain systems with PI,  seems a HUGE leap forward in the ability for a Corporation/Alliance to NOT have to “jump to JITA” to buy tons of stuff when it could be manufactured locally.

To me, these small moves are an incremental shift AWAY from trade hubs to a more decentralized set of markets.

Please share any thoughts you have on this. I am NOT an industrial guy so those of you who are I woudl value your views…

~ by Manasiv5 on April 1, 2010.

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  1. There will always be centralized markets because it is convenient to be able to buy and sell everything in one place. Because Dodixie and Amarr are so close to Jita, it makes sense to just head on over to Jita to do the trades as that is where the volume is…

    I think the low sec separation between Empires has promise. It would be critical that there be many many border systems so that you could scout out a safer route when shipping stuff. It would destroy AFK freighters for sure and boost transport ships.

    • actually it is NOT convenient to jump 5 times to reach Jita much more convenient would be a Jita like place with many things available at a decent price. So yes I think there will be a decentralizing o the markets…time will tell.

      • A market has to have a critical mass of regular traders to have stable prices. There's a real economy of scale to market efficiency, so you'll generally see buyers and sellers flock to one location. There are ways to change this (split up the 4 high-sec factions with low-sec moats between them, significantly nerf hauler HP or Concord response), but making NPC goods available from planets won't do it. Remember, those goods are already available in stations other than Jita 4-4.

  2. I'm not sure if it'll decentralize the markets in EVE – if you're going to sell something, you're still going to sell it in Jita or another major hub. The only way to change that is to increase movement costs in Empire. Thanks to AFK hauling, public freight contracts are crazy cheap in Empire, so there's little reason to export from nullsec or lowsec or even fringe Empire to anywhere but Jita (unless you're specifically trying to dominate a mini-hub on a high-sec/null-sec transit point or mission hub).

    What this will do is minimize the dependence on Empire markets. Those goods won't go on sale anywhere, they'll just get used in an Alliance's or corporation's towers. That's an especially great thing for regions that don't have easy logistical routes to Empire.

  3. Interesting point Manasi – what, if anything, could CCP do to encourage less centralization of trade hubs, especially Jita. I hadn't looked at it from this angle, or just this idea in general. Not even sure its possible, but interesting point.

    One thought would be to put some low sec in between the major high sec empires – lol, there will rapidly become 3 or 4 markets, instead of such concentration in one. And more arbitrage opportunities for those willing to traverse that low sec, or otherwise move goods between hubs. Even a one system layer of 0.4 is enough. Lol, Uemisaisen nearly acts like that now with the frequent freighter suicide ganks in there, since its a 0.5 that sits on the road between Jita and the other hubs.

  4. If POS fuel could be made from planets, that would be a huge opening for getting into larger POS maintenance. Having to either buy the fuel from a trade hub or find one of the few ice belts (and then mine it) in a region is a royal PITA.

  5. Um… Hate to burst your bubble but those other "commodities" are T2 components. They are produced from moon goo. I seriously doubt we'll see T2 components as part of the planetary interaction. The changes to the T2 production line will (probably) happen when they introduce comet mining and what not.

    • Right I should have specified the construction blocks. I meant the blocks only… But it still begs the question as commodities no longer need to be bought in empire…

  6. "Letrange is requested at the front desk pleaase…"

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