the devil is in the details

Been reading a great deal about gate camps lately, and I thought I would share just 1 piece of advice in regards to tackling.

For small gangs

Stay at 0 on a gate. MWD off (it helps mitigate any bomb damage)

some numbers (check this post

  • 1 Bomb does 236 damage to my stiletto’s Shields with the MWD off…with the MWD on I die instantly.(explosive bomb)
  • 2 bombs will put me a bit into deep Armor.
  • 3 bombs will kill you.


(signature radius/explosion radius* bomb damage) = raw damage/resists = damage taken

31/400 * 8000 = 620 Raw damage ( from a perfect bomb hit )

To an interceptor pilot, range is crucial.  if you orbit at 12 KM and the enemy jumps in  and de-cloaks on the opposite side of you 9 times out of 10 you will not be able to point him he will be somewhere in the 24 KM range, the problem is that the 24KM edge of that range, is the limit of your warp disruptor’s range, which means you wont get the point on him

If you stay at 0 on the gate you will be no more than say 12-14KM away, and can easily drop the ‘point’ on the target.

The same goes for you web scramblers with a 10KM range…it is much easier to close 2KM than 14KM or even 20KM.

Wider orbits(in excess of 12KM) only increase the likelihood that your target will be able to get out safely.

Do not orbit, do not orbit with the MWD on, stand still and perhaps you Mr. Interceptor can do your job.

It put together a picture (not it isn’t a masterpiece)  but it demonstrates the idea effectively.

picture of interceptor distances

The picture above shows the relative ranges to targets along the left most edge if your opposite them at 9KM.  Even at 9KM it will take 1.9 seconds for you to close in to within 3KM of their original position, that is plenty of time for my Hound, Dramiel, Crow, or Stiletto to escape you.  Seconds count.

Even if your in a Stiletto orbiting at 12KM  you have only 4KM to work with at the extreme edge of your range.  Another interceptor will cover 4KM in less than 1 second (most hit about 5KM /s) dramiels hit about 7KM-12KM /s


For larger Gangs(at least 6+ interceptors)

Sit at the  4 Cardinal points N, S E, W,  and the  Z +12KM, Z-12KM (on top of the gate/on the bottom) of the gate.  AT 0,  again don’t orbit, stand still, and wait for your target.

Once the target appears ( even if they cloak ) These steps change depending on a cloak or not…

  • Approach, (Orients your ship facing them)
  • Manually  set speed to maximum,(once they cloak if set to approach your speed drops to 0 otherwise)
  • Lock Target (ctrl + click is your friend here)
  1. Click the Warp disruptor on, if not already prepped for it,  and
  2. Click MWD on,
  3. Burn towards the target,
  4. When in optimal point/scram range click your orbit button ( with your optimal range set ahead of time) and
  5. Pummel him to dust

Yes it takes practice, no your not there for DPS, your there to tackle him, DPS is secondary.

Lots to do indeed.

TL;DR don’t orbit on a gate camp chances are you’ll be out of range of the target if you do.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 5, 2010.

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  1. Obviously common sense HAS to play a part in your participation in a gate camp. One would like to assume your fellow pilots would be smart enough to jump/warp away if a sniper BS fleet lands off the gate, or at least follow the FC's commands. A significant part of being in a fleet or a camp is your own personal knowledge, experience and common sense. Thinking saves me more often than rigid adherence to doctrine. Of course we all know what happens when we assume things.

    When it comes to surviving bombs, sitting still or orbiting matters very little. A bomb does damage 30k, it is all about sig radius and if you are dumb enough to have your mwd on. Bombs take time to get to their targets and jumping or running away works every single time.

  2. Please approach directly, don't approach at an angle or set for a close orbit. The lack of traversal from a direct approach makes you a nice target for my guns and removes that pesky tracking from having any impact. This is why its best to double-click near rather than click approach off overview.

    I orbit at 1500m off the gates. I'm close enough to the gate to be able to jump through but because I'm moving I'm not quite such a sitting duck.

  3. Sadly the gate size is non-trivial. Sitting at zero can still put you over 25km from the target relative to your position. I still think Manasi's point is valid for one interceptor, with some of the input from Raxx for good measure.

    It is essential to keep your MWD's off until you hear the jump. It's too tempting for the smarter Stealth Bombers out there. The ones that know your sig is the size of Burj Khalifa when you're running flat out. It makes a Citroen look like a Oil Platform. Some Inty pilots have been successful with an AB on camps, and it's ok to run them at speed and still avoid damage.

    Good job Mule.

  4. I have to disagree here … you are assuming one very important fact … That the camp is in no danger of being hit by an op-for … specifically a sniper force … in a situation where snipers could warp in target and fire at you … always moving is critical and probably saves your ass … I believe the same issue leads to mitigating bomb damage… If you have 4 interceptors … don't sit at the cardinal points … orbit at 30km at full speed .. 90 degrees off from each other … You literally can only fly into a bomb .. you can't be hit by one (And most experienced bomber pilots won't try … you have seriously increased their risk from your constant movement) … You're coverage is just as good orbiting with 4 interceptors and none of you are exposed because you are sitting still… that 2 seconds of response time when the enemy force warps in is critical … the interceptors motto at all times should be: "Speed is Life".

    As for your drawing I would say that what you are not analyzing is the fact that everything from the gate to about 15km is dead space that never has to be covered in a gate camp situation since a ship never materializes close to the gate. The other issue you don't really address is that the gates are not points in space … they have a size themselves. Some gates are in fact 10-20 km across. Replace the static drawing above with 4 interceptors with a circle 24 km around them at the 4 cardinal points … even looking at that drawing and figuring a constant speed of 4-5km shows you have very little area uncovered … and the area uncovered is constantly changing because of the high movement speeds.

    • Disagree all you want.
      30KM is too far you wont do crap at that range
      Ships materialize 12KM from the gate ( give for take 1/2 KM)
      I fly into bombs often and it doesn't faze me as I do not have the MWD burning.
      If I am thinking the gate gets REALLY hostile then I tend to orbit at 500M

  5. I hear you, I was resistant to doing it at first as well. Some people hit approach and then spin the ship in the direction of the target and then double-click in space. Whatever works for you.

  6. Some advice if you want. You are right, NEVER ORBIT! I can't tell you how many ceptor pilots I've yelled at on gate camps about this. But your bullet points are still complicated, I've developed a much simpler and faster way to tackle even those nasty cloakers. If you do this right, it works.

    • Sit slightly above or slightly below the gate. (Not at zero, but at jump range. This is for two reasons, in case you need to jump after someone, and in case of a bomb. Also to avoid any dangly bits on the gate.)

    • On gate fire activate your MWD.

    • The moment you see the target, DOUBLE CLICK next to it in space. Your ceptor will rocket out like a bullet and when he cloaks you won't slow down. This avoids the whole Approach problem and loss of speed issues. It works like a charm.

    The rest is point, orbit, etc as normal. You only activate your MWD on gate fire to avoid potential bomb damage and to get it up to speed when the target de-cloaks. This technique is awesome and can be practiced easily with a friend until you get really, really good at it.

    I know it works cause I have over a hundred kills in my ceptor using it.

    • The only issue I have with this is that I NEVER ever double click anywhere in game I fly only by the overview, quite right tho activate the MWD on gatefire.

  7. Shhhh, don't tell people how to kill my cloaky haulers.

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