Devil in the details indeed

SO it seems there are something I just could not get through in my post yesterday.

Gate Size, I did miss this one…Gate size can be quite large ( especially for some gate types)

The whole orbit at X distance could be accomplish provided you have enough cover, no 30KM will not work, that is too far(depending on fleet coverage of course)

Perhaps a slight change in tactic could be used:

Leave a few interceptors at 0 ( for the inbound enemies) orbit a few interceptors at 1500m or so, MWD off, to handle the larger gates.

The comment about transversal is correct for MOST things.. not so much for a gate camps. You wont even lock my interceptor ( Even with the MWD on) by the time I setup my orbit again, approach vs click in space. Transversal Velocity will be flat till i hit say 18KM distance…if I am at zero to the gate* I can orbit immediately!

Sniper will not focus on one interceptor instead they will focus on an interdictor or a Heavy interdictor, if not the heavy damage ships…

Here is a new picture that explains my thinking:

Orbits of two interceptorsNOTE 1 : Essentially no ship can really be at zero ( due to gate size)

NOTE 2: When you materialize ( after jumping in a system) it is within roughly 12KM of the gate the Red 12KM circle(+/- 1/2 KM)

The green circle is an interceptor at roughly 0 distance ( see note 1)

The light green, with orange edge shaded section, is a ship that is orbiting the gate at 24km, at single point in time.

(using 2?R ) a 24 KM orbit is actually (aprox 150.98KM linear distance) traveling at 5KM/s that means that roughly you orbit every 30 seconds. Remember though, we need to have the MWD off or when you fly into the 15 KM bomb blast you will disintegrate… so lets figure average of 800m/s so that would mean an orbit every 2 minutes.

Note 3: Remember we do not see friendlies on Overview when engaging, so how would we know where the gap is? We would not… unless we had say 10+ interceptors all doing the same thing we could assume that they each took different vectors to start their own orbits

Which one has a hell of a 100%  better chance of catching the enemy? ( here is a hint it is the one that can cover the entire 12km circle.

So technically orbiting at 9KM might cover it?  Technically.. yes it would ( given the variable that we do not know GATE SIZE) it most circumstances that could work.  With many bombers using the gate at a target to bomb however that would leave you again vulnerable if you light the MWD.

There role of the ‘ceptor is to prevent people from getting away, so if you orbit outside that range you are seriously limiting your ability to tackle.

Can other tactics be used, of course.  As mentioned by others, you can orbit with MWD OFF at a small distance 1500 or so, when bombs come in if your too worried..jump if you can.. or motor away if you cannot.

The take away?

TL;DR Do not turn on your MWD on in a Gate Camp, until your ready to pursue.. ( once an enemy jumps in)

Thanks to all the thoughts posted yesterday!  Even if I disagree it makes me think, which is always a good thing.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 6, 2010.

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  1. Thnx m8. Yeah, I hate SB when I'm in my ceptor and I hate ceptors when I'm in my SB! The same holds true for just about any situation. Having faced so many UK cloaky fagabonds in my time, they are particularly annoying. 🙂

  2. PS: One of the hardest things is de-cloaking a ship that has jumped in to your camp. Darn Vagas and other cloaky ships are a real nuisance. This is when orbiting really kills ya. The difference between successfully de-cloaking and letting the enemy escape is very narrow, usually about 1 second depending on his skills and the ship. An orbiting ceptor, even at speed, most likely will not be at the proper angel of approach. Most likely he has already lost. The odds are significantly greater that my ceptor, with the hot mwd (which I activated on gate fire) will be ready to shoot forward like a bullet and de-cloak, point, and hold.

    • Thanks Rixx I agree with many if not all of your thoughts they all do work. I hate orbiting, like you, I sit 0 on then gate and wait for the victim. Also about the Vagabond I could not agree more the 220's on those things ( I fly them too) scare the hell outta me in all except my Stieltto/Raptor.

      Your thoughts are great and thanks for sharing I don't consider it to be co-opted!

  3. Good stuff. As with anything (as I just commented on yesterday's post) common sense, experience and knowledge of game mechanics is vital to any situation in Eve. There are no real hard and fast rules, only general advice that can be applied. Which the above and yesterday did extremely well.

    All I can add is based on my own actual experience.

    • An orbiting ceptor on a gate is fail. He may get lucky and tackle something every once in awhile, but the ready and waiting ceptor will be successful 90% of the time. This is especially true when it comes to de-cloaking a target!

    • The above is for GATE CAMPS. There are other times when orbiting does make sense, and some have brought up those times. As in all things, follow FC orders.

    • If you think orbiting will save you from bombs you are mistaken. I've popped just as many orbiting ceptors with bombs as non-orbiting ceptors. It isn't a factor. Sig radius is the factor. But the most important factor is not being there when the bomb explodes.

    My best advice, practice. Get a buddy in a Vagabond (in my opinion one of the hardest ships to de-cloak and tackle on jump in) and practice, practice and practice. Find the technique that works best for you. In the final analysis that is the most important thing.

    Sorry to co-op your post m8. This is a subject near and dear, if written forum post after forum post on the subject and used to run training.

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