Decloaking changes

Last night went out with a corp mate (thanks Brydan) and we practiced tackling cloakers…be warned slightly different than before you now have to set speed to maximum manually ONCE THEY CLOAK, it used to work that once you set speed to maximum it would stay there but well this has changed!

We tested this with 3 different people, 5 different ships, and different claoking ships.

We used to use the following:

  1. (MWD on when the gate fires for catching someone jumping in)
  2. left click target,
  3. hit the approach button,
  4. select maximum speed ( manually) and
  5. burn towards them

This no longer works as before, the minute they cloak your speed drops…now you can just look for when they cloak or watch your speed and mash the arrow again but it is slightly more difficult.

Another things going against you folks trying to get the cloakies, three times I was able to activate my MWD then my cloak, the MWD then turns off after 1 cycle.

So, yes  a difficult as this was before it seems even more difficult now.

Drones buzzing around you helps, so do fast locking times, as do quick reflexes.  Practice practice practice.

Not a ton to report in other news, except I am doing my best to setup a  developmental WordPress environment inside a Virtual Machine.  If people are interested I may write a post about it.

More news will be forthcoming I am sure.

Take Care (TC) and Good Hunting (someone asked what the TC was)  😉

~ by Manasiv5 on April 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Decloaking changes”

  1. As a cloaky pilot, you can actually activate your microwarpdrive AFTER you activate your cloak. I'm not sure exactly how this works and if it's really even any different than activating it before as long as you do it immediately. In practice, I'm not certain this is any different, but a host of people I've talked to are advocating that it ensures you've cloaked before the signature radius blooms from the microwarpdrive.

    Also, did something change recently? Are you testing something new on Singularity or are you just noticing something you didn't see before on Tranquility and letting people know?

    • What GM cloak are you using? =P

      As far as I know you can not activate ANY module while your cloak is activated (that includes MWD).


        I myself haven't confirmed this – but it looks like it can be done

      • Actually you can kick the MWD on, while or slightly after, with my cheetah…but it only works for 1 cycle 🙂

        As for why reporting it now, I normally fly interceptors but I also fly battleships as well and when one of our guys ran into the problem with trying to do as we asked (thanks again brydan) we tested it

  2. The thing that I try and seems to work reasonably well for me is to turn on the tac overlay, then when they uncloak click on them, and then manually pilot to their last known location with my MWD active, this way I don't have to monkey around with setting my speed twice. Just one double click ftw!

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