Ripple of Tyrannis

As I stated earlier in the week, Tyrannis in my opinion, will start an emphasis on moving markets out of a central hub ( currently Jita 4-4) to smaller hubs, more widespread along the Universe.

Admittedly predicting is a very very inexact science.

Currently if you want general commodities, you must go an NPC station and purchase these items for a nominal amount of money.

Moving this to planets allows the players to take over the distribution of the commodities, and let market forces determine their worth.

Imagine  ALL the commodities were handled in this way(blueprints/skill books) .(which seems to be a driving force)

Why would people go to Jita 4-4? Or Any other hub unless they needed a large quantities that they could not manufacture themselves?  What if Blueprints , were handled in this way?

Well then the amount one could manufacturer would determine if you needed to go to a market….not JUST the fact that that is the only place you could get them.

Impacts of Commodities being available

Short term

POS fuel: everyone needs a Few POS’s still you need em for jump bridges, moon miners, Capital Construction facilities, and Capital ship yards just to name a few. The ability for Corporations to fuel their POS themselves and not having to go to the markets ( unless they needed more than they could make) would mean LESS needless trips to Empire Space.

Robotics Parts  & Construction blocks Are needed for T2 construction.  In addition to that, the Moon Reactions available in 0.0, the Commodities Available in 0.0, and the hulls available in 0.0, hy would you spend the money (40M for CEPTA) to make a freighter run to Empire?

The answer is that you would not go to Empire.  Yes cost of materials used to be a factor, but with capsuleer’s potentially able to make them in their own systems ( or set of systems) this drops near to zero.

Medium Term:

DUST 514 Mercs will need equipment, yet they will not fly in space, they will hop from planet to planet. Equipment could be manufactured on planets and then sold to Mercs as they need it. In order to  move all these items around,  Space elevators ( which will already be used upon launch of Tyrannis from what we know) will be used to move goods from the surface to the edges of planetary space) will need to be built.  So, a critical piece of infrastructure will then be available to move mercenaries AND produced materials around.

The ability to keep operations and the material from these operations  flowing smoothly (without the necessity of having to go to an Empire station to purchase items ) is a key, Merc’s will need something to do(when they start out) disrupting supply lines on a  planet ( or using them to get to the elevator) will likewise be solved.  Capsuleers will need the produced materials ( perhaps a new way to passively make some money) so that, once I am dependent upon commodities and that commodities line is eliminated there by itself is a reason for conflict, if not a reason to HIRE the Mercs to defend my supply line.

This building of the infrastructure is a key bit of PI.  We as the builders, determining the layout that the new DUST 514 Mercs will use/ fight around/ blow up so that they can do something planet-side.

Long term:

Shifting Blueprint production to the planet , will, I think be a shift that CCP could take, further linking the combat on the planet to repercussions in space.

Moving Research facilities to the planets would allow for many people to do the basic’s of BP research without the necessity of POS or Labs connected to the POS’s. It would also tightly link us to the Capsuleers AND allow them to invent their own gear.

Shifting the manufacturing of skills to the planets will also further  eliminate the need for anyone to leave their 0.0 / low sec home.

Tying everything together so that many items could be made in any constellation  in any Low sec/Null sec space, pushes people to manage their resources to providing what they need in a  given area, if you have enough planets of given types looks like you will be able to make anything. Tying the DUST 514 Mercs to some of the self same systems that we use integrates the two seperate ( yet linked) games together.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 9, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for your participation Manasi. The results of the contest will be announced tomorrow morning! Good luck.

  2. Well you certainly made my head spin. I have to admit that I like the picture you've painted and now we wait to see if it resolves itself this way. It should be a very interesting time, we're still feeling the ripples from Dominion and now Tyrannis… CCP knows how to keep us on our toes.

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