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Changes are a coming

In EvE often time we get surprised by various things.  For me the surprises are more of a “what is CCP going to do next?”

Dev blog basically shrinking the solar systems to no more than 10AU beyond the farthest point from the sun.  All the “grid Fu” that the former goons did, throw that away as if you follow it your stuff will be vaporized come may 18th.

I am of one mind about this.  “Good”  I see nothing negative coming from the elimination of deep safes save 1 tiny little thing, what are the Titan/ Super Carrier Pilot going to do? These pilots are effectively “trapped” in these ships, they can dock nowhere, they must always stay in the ship.  This to me does seem an undue burden for them the spend 3 years or more training for something and then only being able to be inside 1 ship? Let them park these behemoth somewhere

A Fan checks in

Ran across two fan in my own alliance πŸ™‚

One, Muffcobb is a an excellent FC and just a pleasant guy to chat with, an Agony Unleashed Alumnus, so just yet another reason to suggest this excellent group of teachers.  Much like some of the other people out there I strongly recommend that people train themselves properly in PvP and “agony unleashed” is certainly an excellent place to start.

He reads this blog via the i-phone so consider this a small thanks for telling me you like the blog, Mr.  excellent FC, Muffcobb..

The other guy that contacted me, his  name slips my mind at this exact moment, as we became embroiled in some home defense operations against C0ven. He will make contact again and I will write down his name πŸ™‚

Lowly little cruiser does some good

To prove a point to some, I hopped in a blackbird ( not known as one of the toughest ships around ) and proceed to jam the shit outta everything I could, in the small defense operation mentioned above

Got on 4 kills with this lowly little jamming cruiser and survived  due to a corp mate being VERY MUCH on the ball with his Basilisk!  WAY TO GO Pritch1!!!   The fact that I did not panic and that he was on the ball made sure I suffered 0 damage.  The blackbird hit with every off-racial jammer I had (kind of ironic at that), every kill on the killboard shows me hitting with the wrong racial jammer on a given target, when in fact i hit them with the right one to start with… I fit the rainbow ( all four races). A Vulture, Scimitar, Basilisk and the Harbinger were all eliminated in a  combined effort.  Nice showing for a 10 M ISK ship (including the modules).

Yes even a lowly T1 cruiser with absolutely 0 tank can help, if the pilot is patient, and people work together.

My tactic was the jam the attackers trying to shoot the Scorpion Battleships that we had in fleet. My corp mates were to tell me if anyone had them locked up and then I woudl add my jammer to whomever targeted them.

Mules and whatnot

When I started this blog is was a sort of happy coincidence that I am stubborn.  A Mule in EvE is stick to your friends no matter what kind of stubborness.   When presented with good ideas followed up with concrete facts my thoughts do change, sometimes. In regards to some ideas (i.e missiles suck for PvP) I am  stubborn to the point of exasperation, when people try to convince me to rethink this idea…(don’t bother just accept it and move on)

Anyways along my blogging journey one of the first people i met was a very nice young woman named Mynxee, who loves mules…in real life, yes I know I was heartbroken at first… but hey thats what pirates do right?  She even had a picture of a really big mule ‘Emma” that well I kind of took a liking to, so the name stuck.

Just so you know  Mules are the result of Male donkey and a Female horse.  They are a Hybrid species that shows the effects of “Hybrid Vigor”  the i.e. they carry more weight, have thicker skin and coats, have harder hooves and are more intelligent than both the donkey and the horse combined.  They are sure footed, carry on alot less when given a large load, and and did I mention they are smarter too?  πŸ™‚

My kind of stubborness is the ‘stick to itiveness” of someone that believes that anything can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance.  Mules DO NOT RUN AWAY.

So remember when fighting me, if you get kicked in the face, and then trampled on by me, it is because I love you oh so much πŸ™‚

TC and safe jumping

~ by Manasiv5 on April 13, 2010.

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  1. and indeed supercapitals should either have a docking array at a pos, or have a pass on them

  2. I've allso been following your blog since i got my iPhone (& Capsuleer on it)
    Currently in Sys-K

  3. I'm one of the few who think it's good to get rid of deep safes, and to hell with you Titan pilots whining about no place to park it. Maybe this will help drop the Titan population from the hundreds you can see on any given action day from the southern coalition down a bit. Wasn't the original idea that there would only be a few in the whole game?

    I agree that it does suck to have trained all that time to not get to use it often though. But, everything in eve has a price and a risk attached.

  4. I like the idea of password protected ships. Would there be a way to crack the security?

  5. Hey Manasi,

    I believe the other 'fan' might have been me, hehe. Once again, great blog.


    Koff Tar

  6. Personally, I'm happy that deep safes are going away (I even said so on my blog, which will not make me popular with all the whiners on the forums). But, I think they ought to take a look at the reasons people were using deep safes and come up with some solutions to those problems that are more in-game solutions than exploits.

    For one, it would be nice if you could password protect your ship. Seriously, with all this technology in EVE we can't password protect a ship? You can password protect a container for heaven's sake.

  7. Re: the issue of titans and being trapped in it lest it gets stolen:

    An idea CCP should consider is providing a bit more realistic security around boarding ships. I mean, secure containers have more security when it comes to access than a Titan or any other ship? This should be addressed, and one way to do it is to allow a pilot to set a "Boarding Password" before s/he disembarks.

    This may put a damper on my penchant for probing down unattended ship and stealing them, but in the case of ships which genuinely have nowhere to dock, this should be considered at least for those types.

  8. Titan pilots can leave their ships. Most of them are parked inside a large POS somewhere. The creation of deep safes was an exploit that I took advantage of, but I can't cry when they get around to fixing it. I'm sure we will all find a way around this as well.

  9. Maybe they could make a "Titan Dock" module for POS's. The Titan would be targetable and visible when docked, and would be kind of like another POS module in that sense.

    • good idea πŸ™‚

      • I'm still very much a noob in EVE, but is there a way to suggest this kind of thing "officially" so the devs see it? It seems like a very easy/obvious solution.

        In reality, of course large ships can dock at almost any port. If they don't fit in a normal sized dock, they would just be tied up at the end of the pier, which leaves them more exposed to the elements (or in this case, other ships).

  10. At one hand I'm glad deep space safes are disappearing,
    on the other hand you have a point.
    I wondered can't you just leave the titan or supercarrier & leave it floating in space or are you literary trapped in it until it goes pop

    • You can undock from it yes…but then your quite right it just floats there…which as we all know is great way to get it stolen.

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