Another Fan!

The one thing I enjoyed about the clown punchers , and still enjoy about people that post their fail fit, is that people learn what NOT to do.

Last night while hitting a c0ven POS we found our own fail fit hurricane, this abomination warped to the damn jump bridge while we were sniping at range.

Notice if you will the 3 Medium CCC rigs this lovely beast had I mean salvaging is really hard to do isn’t it?

[**Added  Mule NOTE**] {what is depicted below has  a large element of sarcasm..yes admittedly it is subtle but it is THERE..please keep reading ~Added 10:06 AM EDT}

A hurricane that salvages..WTF?   /face-palm…what was this guy thinking? It only holds 2000 cubic meters and due to all the mass with the expanded cargo holds travels at 1000 m/s …blasphemy is what this is, an abomination is what this is!  Foul beast of a pilot wrecking the name of such a good and decent ship to fit it out for the task of salvaging!

**Mule note** Salvaging is a good thing,  but dammit get in the right ship to do it! Exequror is awesome at this!

Where did we leave off, oh yes an abomination…

PRO TIP #1 Do not warp to a Jump bridge without first entering the password (shamelessly I stole the pro tip idea from Teadaze’s blog :

PROTIP #2 Do not sit at a jump bridge while enemies in snipers shoot your POS, he was vaporized in about 2 seconds, and podded for his blasphemy.

SO that was that I had to log a bit early, and OP was still going but wasn’t far away from a jump off point so we made it back home.

WHILE all this above was going on…

I helped repair up a POS that had it’s modules damaged by c0ven and listened to three communication channels and trying to keep my eye on if the tower woudl lock and shoot me was a bit.. hectic.

A cap stable Capital repairer puts out a ton of armor reps but still things take a while…oh and I goofed and only realized AFTER it was done repairing that I had put SHIELD bots on it rather than Armor bots, as I had mislabeled the group…bahh hell, I was just happy I could bring the Carrier out, you mean I have to use the right repairer? Note to self relabel the Heavy shield bots as  HS2 (heavy shield repairer II’s) I had em labeled HA2 ( Heavy Armor II’s)

Quick question how do you other carrier pilots label your drones? ( I label em to save space in the drone window )

Son of the flame, a.k.a. Sonoftheflame, was kind enough to remind me that in addition to Koff Tor he was the one I had been speaking to the other day about those that were kind enough to tell me they liked my blog.  So that makes three people in the alliance of 3000 that have admitted to em they read and LIKE the blog, hot damn now I am getting somewhere.

Maybe I can be an EvE celebrity? I mean all the women that Roc gets, all they money and fame and sadly other men that throw themselves at Mynxee ( remember she loves mules first… dammit).  The love and adoration that is heaped upon Crazykinux, maybe I too can get some love?   Bahh.. screw it  I do what mules do and I march along hauling my burden and smile, granted I smile a bit more and laugh quite a bit too, thanks to the kind readers and comment’s on the blog.

Very often I do not say thanks to enough of you…. so thanks!

Enough Mushy-ness.

More news will be coming on the Alliance front… I will share what I can when I can.  I have a unique perspective on what’s going on within SyS-k, and will do my best to maintain OP-SEC ( operational security) AND let you all know what I can.

P.S. look at the influence map…no CVA block above .-A-. space 8)

~ by Manasiv5 on April 15, 2010.

16 Responses to “Another Fan!”

  1. Manasi, I'll be flying near you again 🙂

  2. Nice to see that Coven has farming lemmings as well!

  3. BC salvagers are great for W-space……..when you are killing stuff with the main, the alt needs to have alittle buffer to stay alive long enough for help to arrive. But yes in the end horrible use for these ships, much rather see them dish out the hot lead and go out in a blaze of glory.

  4. Hehehehe I just saw your added note – I got the sarcasm, it's all good.
    Bet you didn't think you would come under attack by all the salvage Canes owners out there 😛

    But I do admit you have me doubting it a little. In the end, I figure it's twice as fast as an Ex….that evens it out a lil more anyway.

    At least for me.

  5. I usually use a Hurricane to salvage pod juice… it works awesomely 🙂

  6. Yeah…..what is so wrong about a Salvage Cane??

    It may not be the BEST ship for the job – but it is close. Just like Anon said tractoring four and still salvaging four is nice, indeed. You just oversize the AB/MWD and salvage/cargo expand rig it.

    Once I train Salvaging to IV, I will only really ever need one salvage rig. I don't know what the cargo would be with two rigs (I only have one on mine at the moment), it's gotta be over 3 grand.

    • 3 rigs it tops out at 3103 cubic meters. It is a shame that such a combat worthy vessel is used in the pitiful practice of salvaging ( sarcasm check 🙂 )

      • Don't you mean 4103 m^3? Since at 3K you drop in a GSC which has 3900 space, then add the other 103 to that. . . . 😉

      • You are free to have whatever opinion you desire, kind Sir…..

        The only opinion that will sway me is Wallet. And Wallet just said, 'Hey, do what you gotta do – just keep me fat' 🙂

        So what's it like to be sooooo filthy rich as to be above salvaging??

        hehehehe I sure don't know.

  7. I also use a Hurricane for salvaging, works great, just make sure to use salvage tackles not CCCs

  8. well… Hurricane is a decent dedicated salvager, it has 8 highs compared to the exequror's 4 highs for one. Don't diss the ability to tractor 4 things and still have 4 salvagers working. Can fit a 100mn ab to get some speed if you leave the deadspace mission active and a good amount of lows for expanders… Why does he have 3 CCC's though.
    I myself use a destroyer to salvage, catalyst I've found is the most proficient, good base cargo, 3 lows for expanders and cheap.

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