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My subtle humor was not too subtle, so I had to let folks know yesterday */facepalm

  • I been meaning to re- join the EvE bloggers channel I just keep forgetting to do that.  Please forgive me for not doing so as I have about 20 bazillion chats channels already, I’ll add one more.
  • Mass testing is the 17th of April at 20:00 EvE time

Older news:

Our alliance leader has decided to step down, Liam Freman was our leader but was hospitalized last couple of weeks.  The guy has a health issue that the stress of running a large alliance does not help.  We can only wish him well.  The second in command of our Alliance , Amyna and my CEO, Carl Tremura have stepped into the ‘breach’ as it is.  For those who read kugutsumen or Scrap heap Challenge this is not new, for the rest of you perhaps it is.

‘Once more unto the breach’ ~Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III, 1598

These two guys have been working tirelessly to ‘man the helm’ as it were, and deserve nothing if not a huge thanks! Having been involved in the edges of Alliance stuff I cannot begin to imagine how they can even play. Carl is one hell of a good guy, not to mention a great CEO, I got your back brother. Amyna seems to work tirelessly, so don’t worry Amyna I got your back too! Tyrannis is set to release May 18th if you fell under a rock or something. CVA is no longer on the influence map, hats off to .-A-., UshraKhan, Daisho Syndicate, Agony Unleashed, NOIR (hey Mynxee 0/) and all the other elements involved with occupancy in Providence. Having been there in the huge fight in D-GTMI, I get to smile back and remember that turkey shoot.

Lots of ships in the Hanger as of late:

Apoclaypse, 2X Sniper boats 210 KM of sniping excellence ( without aurora’s)
Abaaddon , current ratting boat ‘par excellence’
Raven, gathering dust as I don’t like missile boats all that much
Jaguar, Awesome heavy tackler great interceptor killer
Stiletto, excellent fleet interceptor, 2880 scan res to catch bombers
Crow, Small agile little ‘ceptor….still like her after all this time
Maelstrom a mean as hell 800mm AC beast, all gank no tank baby!
Hound excellent Bomber , although bomber ops are not my thing really nice to have one around
Sacrilege, actually a mistake I purchased thinking ti was NOT the missile boat , which she is
Zealot nasty DPS Machine, either sniper or up close
Omen, Zealot little brother still nasty
Vagabond , mean T2 cruiser
Blackbird, fragile but and excellent Jamming platform for  a quick fleet
Kitsune, more fragile than the Blackbird but great jam strength
Scorpion, Excellent Battleship Jamming platform
Curse, energy Neutralizing beast excellent dramiel killer
Dramiel , 6220 m/s NOT overheated! look out ill close on you near 10KM a sec

My naming convention is for ease of realizing what the ship is setup to do:

TTT*S (triple trimark rigged apoc sniper)

CCC*R (triple CCC rigged Abaddon Ratting ship )

Southern Coalition Forces seem to be doing rather well Versus the North.  here is the link to a combined killboard:

~ by Manasiv5 on April 16, 2010.

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  1. Just letting yah know, I added you to my blogroll 🙂

    Also – Chan smells funny. You don't want to play with him 😦

  2. I want your Curse and dramiel……..Gal recons are alright, the curse needs to be next on the cross train! Jealous of the dramiel just because its all the rage in low-sec, plus I like to put the top down while cruises at near warp speeds.

  3. I got that you were kidding before the message, actually…..though it did seem to be in the "kinda" range.

    You explaining it is the best part. So, is it more you needing to work on your sarcasm, or me needing to not be obtuse.

    It was still morning, so I'll say me 🙂

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