Dominion changes a retrospective

So changes continue at a fast and furious pace, for SyS-K.  New friends, a.k.a. ‘Primary’, a 2000 man alliance have decided to come to Esoteria.  Like it, or hate it 5000 + people working together can be a huge force to be reckoned with!

The first joint fleet was last night and was a very smoothly run operation. Even Better…one of the CEPTA guys stepped up to the helm, and made us all proud. Well done Aden!

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I reconnected to some folks on the EvE-Bloggers channel, and they said some things that I disagreed at FIRST with namely “Dominion is the [sic] best patch ever.” That prompted this post, so thanks all.

To me, logic dictates that changes evaluated over time to yield a better understanding.

Having been some small part of the inner-workings in SyS-k and more intimately the inner working in CEPTA, I have been evaluating the changes that came with Dominion. Here are some thoughts about those changes:

System changes:

  • The ability to upgrade a system to support more inhabitants ~ has been a resounding success, with work the different index’s can be moved to higher levels, thereby allowing people to generate revenue from either mining or re-spawning anomalies.  This has definitely allowed a system with not such a  great “true” security rating to be improved upon.

Warfare Changes

  • Claiming Territory w/out a I-Hub ~ much much faster and easier to do than before.
  • Claiming  territory w/An I-Hub ~ miserable failure at launch has gotten better over time.
  • Claiming territory w/ an I-Hub and a Station ~ even bigger failure than claiming and i-hub at launch, has improved over time.

Faction Ship improvement changes

  • Frigates ~ double race frigates
    • Dramiel ~ very nice, very fast tackler – upwards of 6K not overheated in speed + drones
    • Daredevil ~ One incredibly mean frigate capable of serious damage and webbing
    • Succubus – A laser boat Amarr/Caldari hybrid mean firepower bonus’s
    • Cruor ~ a webbing/ neutralizing  / laser machine Same bonus to webbing speed as the Daredevil
    • Worm ~ Caldari Gallente Hybrid with a HUGE 50 m/3 drone bay + missile/ rocket bonus

Mothership – > Super-carrier transition

  • Incredible DPS from any of them even more so from the Nyx capable of 10,000 DPS!
  • Fighter bombers are great against very slow/stationary targets
  • Still trapped in a pretty “coffin” ~ yes you can leave them at a POS which means they can be stolen…currently deep-safes are employed to protect valuable assets like these…this function (500AU deep safe spots) will probably disappear in May18th patch

Mission Changes

  • The addition of mission Arcs,~ while I do not run these, so far I can tell, these  have been a positive change, as it can help alleviate the endless repetition of the mission running play style.

Fleet Finder

  • Thank you CCP, best feature ever! Fleet composition,leadership skills, loot logging all of these things are awesome!

In Game Browser!

  • Works phenomenally well ( you can even read AMIE from there as I have done to test) ties into the EvE Gate update coming in May.

So perhaps I was a bit “off” in my initial dismissal of the patch, I was speaking more in terms of the Sov Warfare part which still REALLY needs to be addressed somehow.

Defenders definitely get the edge..

  • Defenders get four attempts to break a Sovereignty takeover attempt ( they control the timers within a 3 hour variance ( in both directions) +/- 3 hours.
  • Defenders have to eliminate 50% of the  SBU ( sovereignty  blocking unit) before the attackers put either  the I-Hub or the Station into reinforced mode. The I-Hubs were very buggy at first and would actually regenerate  shields so that when you attacked after the 1st reinforcement, you had maybe a few minutes or in some cases, no time at all before it regenerated enough shields to no longer be reinforced.  The same scenario happened numerous times in Period Basis with SyS-K, as well as with U’K and I think even .-A-., but was  major pain that was also addressed to some degree in Dominion 1.1 Patch.
  • Attackers have to come in force, covering the gates, covering the I-hub or the Station, this in turn leads to LARGE fleet size ( see D-GTMI where maximum people in system was OVER 1600!) This huge number of people necessary causes huge issues with lag and the server actually being able to handle the load (this has been addressed several times but continues to be an issue for some)
  • I-Hub have an extraordinary amount of Shield and Armor
    • 75,000,000 shield ( no resists) (enters RF at the 18.75 M) for a total of 56.25 M
    • 112,500,000 armor (no resists) (enters 2nd RF @ 28.125) for  a total of 25% shield and 50% Armor or 18.75 +  56.25= 75,000,000 damage.
    • 5,000,000 structure
  • Station (outposts) have and equally large number of shields and Armor
    • 100,000,000 Shields Enters RF @ 25M remaining total of 75 M damage
    • 150,000,000 Armor Enters 2RF @ 75 M remaining  for a total of  100M damage
    • 100,000,000 Structure
  • SBU’s have a minimal amount of defenses in comparison ( upgraded to 50% resists  in Dominion 1.1 Patch)
    • 10,000,000 Shield (50% resists) so total is 15,000,000 actual damage
    • 10,000,000 Armor (50% resists) for a total of 15,000,000 actual damage
    • 1,000,000 Structure

System defenders have to do about 31 M damage to destroy 1 SBU to win the sov fight in a 2 Gate system. In order for the Attackers to be stopped 51% of the gates must be free of SBU’s.  In a two gate system defenders need to destroy 1 SBU. In a 3 gate system defenders need to kill 2 SBU’s

System attackers can, if evenly matched with firepower, take a  defended  system with more then 4 gates. ( IF 1 SBU takes roughly 31M to kill * number of gates needed to maintain 51%> amount of damage to reinforce a station the attacker wins ONE ATTEMPT. To be successful both the station AND the I-Hub must both be put down ( I-Hub explodes stations do not)

Reinforcement timers vary depending on the object (Station or I-HUB) can be as long as 2D 23H 59M.

TL;DR Smaller systems (3 gates or less) are easier to defend; Larger systems ( more than 4 gates)  are  very difficult to defend, from a equal firepower perspective

Any thoughts that you may have about Dominion/ Sovereignty Changes would be appreciated.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 19, 2010.

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  1. oh and wow this article is completely unreadable in google reader lol due to white text lol

  2. i gotta agree, lower SBU times and allowing anchoring of defenses on the station, and perhaps gates, with a specific upgrade to the ihub that wud be quite expensive to keep but allowing for much enhanced security in primary systems.

  3. "# 10,000,000 Shield (50% resists) so total is 15,000,000 actual damage
    # 10,000,000 Armor (50% resists) for a total of 15,000,000 actual damage"
    It's even more then that. 😉
    50% resists mean damage done is halved. Which means effective hitpoints are doubled (x / 0.5 = x * 2)

  4. Why not allow the anchoring of defensive modules at stations, TCU's, and I-Hub's… but allow a much shorter time for putting the SBU online? It still makes me wonder why Quafe Co can anchor 8 sentry guns on their stations in high-sec but none are allowed in 0.0 space stations.

  5. I think they've got the whole sov thing backwards. Look at it this way@
    Is there any battles which have been fought over a patch of empty land? Or are the majority of military operations fought to capture whatever has been built on the land? Arnhem was fought over for the bridge, not the river.

    I say make the TCU a bit beefier and vulnerable as soon as the SBU's are online. allowing the attackers to retain the infrastructure of the station and IH when they capture it. That way you are fighting to retain the true value that has been built in the system rather than simply the ground that its built on.

    Also Sov warfare needs rebalanced completely to do away with the need for huge fleets, thus solving the lag problem. Huge fleet battles may be awesome, but at the moment they are broken. Do away with the need to do massive amounts of damage in a short period of time and you do away with the need for a huge fleet.

    My 2c

  6. I have a lot of former corp-mates and friends in Primary, good pilots and players.

    I'm probably the wrong person to ask about Dominion since it brought about the complete and utter destruction of Providence… although at this point I'm still not sure that was such a bad thing. I think Dominion, as a patch, still has a way to go to prove itself to me.

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