Proof in the pudding

Some followup that I have found from CCP soundwave about the purposes of PI:

from his responses to questions about PI:

“The end rewards will come off the NPC market. Basically you’ll be able to build POS structures, sov structures, POS fuel (the NPC seeded parts), T2 components (the NPC seeded parts again), station components and nanite repair paste. Might be forgetting something, but that’s it I think.”

“1. There will be some planets that will be barred, but as a general rule, yes, all areas.
2. You fly out, pick a spot 🙂
3. There is a post off the planet where you can pick your stuff up. Like a small stationary object.
4. Well 0.0 space will have the highest rewards, so there will be an advantage to being in a sov holding alliance.”

Life in 0.0 has a much higher strain in terms of logistics, infrastructure and just general hassle compared to life potentially next to empire space with NPC owned stations.

I think we’re just going to have to disagree(with the original poster who said it was not difficult) on the hassle involved in living in 0.0.

With point 1 he illustrates what I have been saying for a while now.

With point 2 he tells us the planets in 0.0 will have more “stuff”

With point 3 & point 4  he spells out exactly what I have known for years now

Logistically 0.0 is a HUGE cost and a wasted bit of time and energy, not to mention in game money.

In my recent Post about what I thought about the future of PI: I did not get quite enough into details about WHY it is important.  Below is that level of detail, so I built a POS in EvEHQ (mind you , fast becoming a VERY important, out of game tool):

1 Large Gallente POS takes the following to run for 1 month:

[table id=20 /]

two Notes: we do not use Gallente towers & Cepta alone has a few POS on top of what the SyS-k Alliance has.

That’s 139M for ONE POS Including fuel for 8 jumps (I used the Gallente JF the Anshar)

That is a hell of a lot of money, granted some  savings can be had by mining Ice and processing it down, if  get 10 of these towers in operation and that is not inconceivable by any mean,s and you come out to about 1.4B a Month.

Take all that energy and a huge portion of the cost ( npc supplied commodities ) Plus the savings on the not having to jump it around and all of a sudden an alliance CAN be self sufficient WITHOUT having to go to empire. Instead funnel that into PI.  Result: no real need to jump to Empire, and a decentralization of the markets:

Any thoughts out there?

~ by Manasiv5 on April 26, 2010.

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  1. A little pressure for decentralization is a good thing. Very organized Alliances with safe space will likely see a huge boost from the PI changes. I think the average null-sec station will not change much. It is really hard to access basic materials like trit at a reasonable price in Null as it is, cutting the reprocessed loot willknock that back significantly in 0.0 where ratting is a major pastime. Areas that have an organized Industrial wing already moon mining and hitting grav sites and ice belts stand to really benefit from the Planetary resources.

  2. It will depend on how much the local roaming gangs disrupt PI. If they have little or no effect then it won’t be an issue. If they have a large disrupting effect then you’ll still see some arbitrage. The problem with the dispersed markets issue is that it takes industrialists in the local area to actually make these markets work. Then you’ve got the issue of “keeping the store full” that these industrialists need to worry about. You need the capital to invest in the inventory (which can end up trapped if you get kicked out).

    You also need material sources and manufacturing facilities available 23/7. Unless the pew is willing to work with the industrialists and vis-versa without both sides being ass hats about it and clear spheres of action there can be lots of problems with establishing a local market. The truth is that setting up a full blown local market takes planning, perseverance and deep pockets. PI will be operating at the same level as the mineral or salvage market. If your alliance is unable to setup a proper local mineral and salvage market, I don’t see how PI will improve the situation. If the local mineral/salvage market is healthy, then your local PI market will evolve fine.

  3. I have to agree with Stnylan that Jita will always be the Jita we know. It’s just the way of human nature to gather in numbers at a popular location and people like having one place they know they can always find something. Also, given the constant .01 isk wars there, people also know it’s the one place they’ll almost always find the cheapest items. It would take an ENORMOUS shakeup, like say it suddenly became Gallante space, to remove it and the other lesser, but still significant, trade hubs as the focal points of Eve commerce. Honestly, my guess is that PI won’t have much effect on the markets at all except for the section of items that were originally NPC sold.

    • 1 Huge part of the market is POS fuel that market will be stretched if not eliminated with PI. Another part is T2 ships which can also be overcome with PI. As for a place to SELL items perhaps Jita will maintain it's monopoly but CCP has said and I believe them that other hubs will spring into being and Jita will definitely shrink

  4. I think you will find Jita will continue to be Jita, simply because it remains the one place where everything is in one place. I simply do not see a 0.0 market emerging that has that capability, given that 0.0 markets by the nature of nbsi tend to be somewhat more restricted places with fewer participants. On the other hand, if PI does indeed remove some of the hassle, that can only be a good thing.

  5. I think you hit the nail on the head. 0.0 living is a hassle and PI will help take that hassle out. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the market chaos that will follow PI’s drop.

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