EvE lessons learned

We stand on the precipice, not fearing to fall, but to enjoy the exhilaration that is life.

To know loss, you must have had something.

To know fear, you must have known joy.

To understand, you must live through it

Seems as if we have been on a roller coaster of ups and downs twists and turns, black tunnels, and dizzying heights.

I have logged quite a few hours since Friday afternoon and have been in 5 or maybe 6 fights now with the Combined forces of C0ven/ SE.

Those of you who have read this blog a long time know that I did not like the goons for the tactics they employed.  Specific individuals did distinguish themselves from the goon Herd, but for the most part I loathed their tactics.  They are indeed tactics and I thought that I would not see their tactics again.

Such is not the case.

C0ven/ SE use those self same tactics.

Which I still loathe, and will continue to do so.  Please  realize that I know they exist, and I would not call for their removal from the game as the CHOICE to use them should always be there.  I and my CEPTA brethren choose NOT to use them, I used to respect C0ven and Stain Empire, I no longer do so. They may not care…no biggie, I’m just one guy in a ship doing as instructed by an FC.  Win at any cost?  I think not.  but hey that’s just me.

On with the report.

Friday evening  (early Saturday AM EvE time) saw a major engagement in A1-AUH.

Our combined fleet destroyed the SBU’s deployed by C/SE,  The majority of the repair work was completed and we counterattacked in BZ-.

Our fleet was 300 or so and we took down the SBU’s without a fight, C/SE logged, saw the size of our fleet and logged out.

Late Saturday Night ( Sunday EvE time) we also destroyed 3 SBU’s they had dropped in G-Y, again we counterattacked, those of us on logged at what we thought were safe POS.

Early this morning our station exited 1st RF timer at about 15:15 ish.

All the entrance gates were camped, all our POS were bubbled, and all were camped by roughly 200or so reds.  It seemed that PL ( Pandemic Legion) had  come to save C/SE reputation as elite PvP’ers.  To say it did not go well was an Understatement. We suffered bad losses indeed, and here is where it gets interesting. One  reason that we lost so many This morning is they had the POS password and were getting real time intelligence reports AS they happened.  Very difficult to fight an enemy that knows what is coming…in real time.

I have now lost 4 ships in this weekend’s engagements, which is rather rare for me.  I guess they read the blog too.

(that’s the tactic which I am referring to above)

Spies exist and it shows how powerful they can be. I’m not lamenting about this is wrong or that is wrong, it is the way it is, yet there is a distinction.

Learning continues on, we get better as we understand our enemy.

SO lets share some of these lesson’s learned with you:

  • Do not log off at a POS when fighting an enemy..your password could be compromised such ended the loss of my Apocalypse.
  • DO not expect the enemy to fight fair, they won’t, and a fair fight doesn’t really exist, especially in EvE.
  • Do not let losses bother you, they happen even to very seasoned pilots and rookies alike, learn from them and move on.
  • Just because you win one fight or series of fights does not mean the enemy cannot call for help.

Those of you c0ven guys who want to respond feel free but please do be respectful this is my blog.

More on the fight as it continues!

TC all and good hunting ( except you c0ven/ Stain empire guys)

~ by Manasiv5 on May 2, 2010.

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  1. I find the entire pos bowling tactics to be decadent
    We should be allowed to shoot pilots with bad standings towards us if there inside our pos shields

  2. When I was in Providence and our systems under siege, a very common complaint was the use of POS passwords to bowl our ships out of the shields.

    I can't specifically recall whether Sys-K bowled any ships out of the shields but your coalition certainly did. While I sympathize with you as an individual pilot, I have to say I do find a bit of humor seeing it used on members of your wider coalition.

    Fly safe.

    /love the blog.


  3. As one of the folks above pointed out, Manasi, you neglected to mention the fact that you guys called in Primary to help you. So you can’t exactly whine about SE / Coven asking for a bit of help when ya’ll escalated first. Not saying its wrong to ask for help, just that you imply they are fail for bringing help but conveniently forget to mention you did the same. Your posts are usually solid, but this one seems rather *goony* with its propaganda spin and selective citation. Just the pov of a neutral observe – never been to Stain, I live in low sec.

    • All my posts are propaganda. Every damn one of them. I have 0 desire to see anyone but Ceptacemia and in this case, my alliance succeed not be a damned reporter of news interest. YES I am biased.. I admit it. Teasing C0ven/ SE about bringing friends is a direct attack to what THEY said about us in many places…this is just returning the favor.( yes I will admit a little petty perhaps) but hey I am human.

      I am (based on comments) checking into the reported theft of a Carrier, I had no idea about that so, before I could not comment yet.

      If you look at the post from both last Thursday AND Friday I did mention that Primary had come to help us.

      As for my posts being solid, thanks I do try my best to help people out, and to entertain where I can to what small degree I am able. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and ask me questions so I can respond, and hope my answers cleared up any short comings the post may have had.

  4. You make some really great points. I was one of the people that had a dread logged off in one of the posses this Sunday. Those were the orders and I can understand why they wanted us to do that. It was terrible not to be able to do ANYTHING during the early (for me) CTA. I think the leadership responded well though. Everyone was was kept informed and no one lost their cool. I guess we can't blame SE and Coven for using whatever they can to win, and I'm not sure if there is anything that we can do to counter the intelligence problems. I agree, it really did suck for them to know what we were planning as we were planning it. We killed their SBUs, so its all good. Mostly a whole lot of sitting and waiting, but that's sovereignty game I guess…

  5. You guys have 5000 characters in sys-k & primary, c&se have 1k. Well in my opinion you’re n00bs or smth cause you ask for help entire eve community (primary for example) when you have much more ppl that c/se? And this is pathetic my friend and this is fact that you can’t deny.

    And ps. iam not from coven/se – iam just neutral observer

    • Correct we have a large alliance, but we also had our former leader and the executor corp transition (which is not news) in the middle of all this we started clashing with C/SE. So three things happened at once, recovery takes time.

  6. interesting blog.
    Good read to see what is taking place (in prov, right?)
    I am a carebear grinding up my private stashes reading to become a viable fleet option for someone, so seeing the clashes is an interesting thing. GL in the fight, may you spill about blood of your enemy.
    Do'ro'ik Von Pratte

  7. Oh, one mail proves enough. People say PL is sharpening teeth for our titans, and I would not be suprised to see them hotdroping our fleet one day.
    Spies are part of war, we have spies in your alliance, you have (or had) spies in ours, normal thing.
    That ships of yours was bumped becouse of your command mistake, tough lesson it was young padawan, but nessesary. Some ships were catched logging in after password was changed, not knowing it and bumping from forcefield, some warping to pos and droping on bubbles, some playing games in leaving forcefield a bit and ending bumped or webbed. I can understand your point of wiew on bumping ships from pos (but we lost carrier full of ships to sys-k the same way, they knew password and just stole it, bad, bad sys-k ;)), but it was only a part of ships killed that day.

  8. http://kb.c0ven.pl/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=106710

    Your theory about PL is miscalculated

  9. You forgot one thing, You did something similar to steal carriers.

  10. 1 mail doesn't prove nothing, PL could have been assisting SEC0ven just this once (wouldn't surprise me, PL might be elite pvp'ers but the way they lost fountain has shown they have no tact, no finesse, no respect for those who build to forge a future for them selves)
    You know the saying: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    I'm just glad my carrier got out of A1 last night, for the next week I won't be of much use (not until the weekend and even then I got spring clean on).

  11. As long as something exists in-game, I have a hard time justifying NOT using it. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make me angry when it is used against me, or my fleets. Nor does it mean that I employ such tactics… only the ones I can.

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