Balancing acts

My hat is tipped to any of you who help manage an alliance of any size.  Honestly I have a very peripheral job with my alliance, yet it really does give me some insight into the lack of tools for Alliance leaders.

My current jobs:

  • I am propagandist at times (admittedly with this blog) If you did not know this you know it now.
  • I am also a number cruncher, and manipulator of spreadsheet data.
  • Some times, I act as a counselor and talk people off of ledges when they get wound up over things that happen.
  • I have taken some more responsibilities of late, to help ease the burden put onto our leaders shoulders.

This cannot be stressed enough.  Those who lead in this game are severely lacking in some management tools to help them do so.

Point 1 transferring items to another character via the “deliver to member”  method

  1. Search Corp assets
  2. Find the item
  3. Right click to split the stack
  4. punch in a new amount
  5. Refresh to see the new stack
  6. right click the new stack
  7. Select the deliver to member option
  8. Scroll the list and  select the member

One thing to note is that these items are never tracked, so assets end up “going into the ether” We have developed some methods to help us track things but to say it is easy to implement would be idiotic as it relies on pilots, who can make mistakes.

Point 2 the permissions and the abilities they grant ( corporation level) is so obscure and poorly designed that I know veterans of YEARS that cannot tell me what permissions i need to have to do certain actions, load jump bridges, for example. Many people circumvent the atrocious permission systems by having an ALL or NOTHING AT ALL system.  I mean that they either grant member sin a corp the ability to have access to everything, or nothing.  Living our of POS’s makes this even more complicated.

Point 3 Give people that runs Alliances & Corporations the ability to track participation and the tools to help them manage people.  Simple little things that show participation, overall kill and loss records.  Yes I know these tools are Do show some of these things.  They are very diverse and multiple tools must be used to actually do these things.

So on one hand we have all the things required to even keep an alliance running.

On the other hand we have the real world life we all live in.

I also have a life I love, and a wife whom I adore.  So, balancing the competing needs for time. can be tough.

Ga’len ( the Wandering druid of Tranquility) has left us of late, no hopefully not for very long, but well it seems he needed a break. I admire people that can step away, due to duties I have with both CEPTA and the alliance ( to a much lesser extent) stepping away is not something I can do nor do I wish to.

Kirith Kodachi (a Paxton federation guy in Providence) who I never got to shoot at (thankfully){ I have a don’t shoot at other members of the blog pack } which I did not have to violate, with the kind Mr. Kodachi.   Anyways he has quite a few miniature  clones of his own. Cute kids btw Kirith! He is able to keep things  balanced.

CrazyKinux (my blogging buddy of the last two years) also has miniature clones of his own. I am not sure how HE manages either.  Yet it seems he is also able to keep things in Balance

One of our CEPTA  Directors has a kid ( who happens to be sick at the moment, so I’m thinking  about you and your family buddy) and another has several grandkid’s.  Our CEO has a young boy as well. All are able to keep things in balance.

Why mention all this?

Sometimes it is helpful to look at what OTHERS have to experience and still are able to balance their lives more me to realize I can do it too.


The Mule is still  balanced…imagine a mule on a surfboard and you’ll laugh too!

Some times we have to remind ourselves that this is just a game.

Shiny internet spaceships, that make pretty picture when they blow up…but still a game.

~ by Manasiv5 on May 4, 2010.

10 Responses to “Balancing acts”

  1. FIrst off, yeah… The Alliance managment tools (and I use that term loosely) are absolutely horrible. Same goes for corp management. You know it took me almost a year before I knew that the Personel Manager role couldn't actually kick people from the corp? You have to be a full Director. WTF?

    Leadership in EVE is definately a profession unto itself. Most people doen't realize how much time and work goes into it. I mean heck, you're just the head guy of an internet spaceship club, right?


    Anyway good luck to you in your alliance management venture, I don't do it anymore. It's werid, I get to play the game now. 😉

    As far as life balanace goes, that is always something that I seem to struggle with, and my "breaks" tend to be me not playing EVE, but thinking about EVE a whole lot. The family always come first though, internet spaceship club be damned.

    Lastly, I think you should reconsider your "No Shooting at Blogpack Members" stance. Not only will you find great satisfaction in blowing up one of your fellow loudmouths, you will probably read about it the next day. Cool, right?!

    • lol you might be right on the blowing up the blog pack folks but, well it is just something I do.

  2. Even a small alliance will send you into the loony bin from time to time. It’s part of the “fun”…

    • ROFL that is the best picture EVER , of course I have no one ( except my wife) who could lead me anywhere !!!

  3. All of the bloggers with mini-clones need to collaborate on a “Balancing Raging-Mini-Me’s with Healthy Game Time” guide 😉

    Good post Manasi. Keeping the right perspective goes a long way in keeping things balanced. I find that if you can satisfy your real-life needs efficiently/effectively then your game time is less interrupted 🙂

  4. Good blog.
    Indeed it can be difficult, when work/play/people are parts of the equation. It is hard to not let real life affect who you are in game and out of game (IG & OOG). I find the demands are trying, and that I would rather be at work when gaming, and gaming while at work, though thankfully always neither when with my wife.

    GL on the balance, as it can be stressful, or something beautiful.
    The latter in that you are wanted in all 3. And truly blessed if you have a "mini clone" as you put it.

    Do'or'ik Von Pratte
    May you spill about the blood of your enemies.


    • Thanks much, I appreciate the sentiment, sadly I highly doubt I will ever have a mini clone, but I am ok with that, perhaps I can take a clone and mold it! 😉

  5. Anytime that I've taken my eyes away from the "it's just a game" and started finding myself taking Eve too seriously have been times I've regretted. Thankfully those are mostly in the past and I've learned to better balance real life and game life. I have four clones of my own and a real world industry to run which are demanding enough, sadly their are no implants I can find to help with those.

    • Indeed well said Rixx! Glad your clones are progressing nicely (haha) nice to see you’ve got your head on straight as well!

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