The long slog

I have been testing some of the Planetary Interaction features recently.

There is a disconnect that I have found: I want a blueprint to tell me what I need to build.  The blueprints are not yet found except when you add a production facility, yet only certain facilities produce certain outputs.

If I want to produce Oxygen, I have to harvest Noble Gas, and then use a production facility to make Oxygen. (I found this out by my buddy Sirius Bradford’s work {oops had a bad link earlier} and a great link to a Google spreadsheet listing what planets provide what base components) but lets continue as if I DIDN’T know what I needed.   I have to put the exact production facility down before I can see what it produces,as the blueprints are stored INSIDE the production facilities.  If I drop The correct  gas production facility (supposedly 1 of the production facilities will make Oxygen)  on a gas planet, only then do see the schematic to produce Oxygen. Which may or may not (depending on the schematic) need yet another base component

Lets use the in game system in place as our current model:

  1. You find a object you want to build
  2. You look at a blueprint.  It determines the amount of a given material ( minerals) needed to build an object, and lists the components needed.
  3. You gather the materials, move it to a factory and build the object, after a given time the object is created.
  4. T2 adds another layer by adding more inputs and a hull and extra items but it is still basically the same.
  5. t3 adds yet even more different inputs and more complex items located in various places, but again still follows the model above.

Conversely PI does not tell you what you can build until you look at a structure once ON the planet  and see what schematics it has installed….. well that is bass akwards.

You survey the planet to find good locations of base materials but this assumes you know what base materials you need, but without a production facility you DO NOT know.  If you memorize charts and outputs and the like, you can probably find out, but even what limited amount we do know could be changed come release.

Setting up routes requires you to dig deeper into a given extractor and find the PRODUCT (i.e. Noble gas) then you select the object and create a route for the object to follo, again I know I’m nitpicking here but well it looks like they changed the production model AWAY from blueprint driven model to …something else.

It would be the same as going to a production facility, checking out the blueprints there (and there is a very limited amount of blueprints installed, say 1 or 2 as in PI)  so you’d have to find the facility to make what you wanted and then locate the blueprint, gather the materials , move the materials to THAT facility and then build your stuff.


I care about PI as it will give me the objects I need to run a POS which can potentially save the alliance  BILLIONS of dollars a month. The blueprint model currently used may perhaps be changed in PI, we shall see.

~ by Manasiv5 on May 7, 2010.

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  1. Good news tough
    I heard today on the test server from one of the devs that inter-player interaction without goods having to leave the planet wil be included soon in test or soon after the expansion making it possible for mulible characters to work to gheter to produce stuff

  2. I have tested PI touroughly (well for coolant production) and found that you need at least 1 person per pos to manufacture enough resources to keep one going

    • sweet that is decent estimate then of what would be needed.

      • the main probelm I have with PI is that the resource distrubution is riducouless
        for instance I've tested for coolant well you can only produce coolant on gas & storm planets, while the best deposits for these are to be found on the same worlds, the import/export tax being exuberant forces one to do at least some processing but i will still push upwards

        on the test server is spend 10 mill to get the production centers up and at least 1.5-3.5 mill daily to move the extracors around to keep a constant flow possible

        off course recent changes changed the size of the planetary warehouse from 10000 to 5000 cubic metres whilst maintaining the same cpu/powergrid usage

        atm i don't see how this is going to work effectivly, I'm fearing that it might be impossible to get producton high enough to supply the current number of pos's in game

  3. When I was checking the PI out, there was a right-click option on all the extractors, et al. that worked like a blueprint in terms of what you put in and get from it. No need to place the item.

    However, as usual in Eve, you still need multiple outside sources to get the real details of how to do things. (Such as your googled spreadsheets, etc.) Eve is sometimes known as “Internet Spreadsheets” for a reason!

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