The Fall of A1-AUH

Wow where to begin.  Busy as hell weekend, all non essential PvP stuff was moved out of our “home.”  ( kind of like getting one of those new companies to drop portable storage containers at your house, packing it up and then moving it) Many people were yelling “everyone is leaving”, that was wrong…people were doing what they should do…securing assets elsewhere. Anyways that was all done and we did the prudent thing. I insured all the combat ships, loaded up the carrier with ammo and replacement ships, and as Carl was fond of saying prepared myself to “Hold the Line”.

3 Hours prior to the fight I logged in and we did some last minute adjustments, made sure everyone had the best setup they could. Encouraged people to follow what I had done, and relaxed.

2 Hours before the fight we rolled our fleet to A1-AUH.  Logistics had been busy, we had a brand spanking new POS, that we would use for staging. IF I remember right there were four reds in system when we arrived.

1 Hour before the fight we sat at 223 people in our main fleet.  Supports and Capitals had been separated into other wings/ fleets. Local numbers were approaching 330 or so

The fighting all occurred around the A!-AUH station for the most part. They only look at local showed about 430, although I could be off as I was looking elsewhere. Running two accounts carrier and BS can be “taxing.”

At first warp in we engaged their BS fleet, at about the 6th target killed I warped off and then re-warped back and engaged the BS fleet again.  Fire was focused and they took some initial heavy a casualties.  After about the 5th re-warping and re-engaging, some dreads lit me up.  with only BS on the overview I switched tabs and punched warp.  Most of the dreads had been locking me, so when I landed I re-aligned back and waited about 45 seconds.. I knew it would probably be my last warp in. The aurora Crystal had stayed together and together we had killed, or help kill about 15 Reds

Sure enough I landed and was targeted by their Dreads and Battleships. Try as I might she could not stand against that firepower. Boom.

So far it was a good long fight, Manasi warped back to the Carrier and reshipped to a Hurricane, I was determined to eliminate their support, however once I boarded the ship all the modules would not turn on. I tried as best I could and swapped ships several times but I could not get the modules to come online. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this in a Carrier but no matter what I did no matter the option I tried, no matter how many times I tried, or what I tried the modules would not online.

I jumped in my Crow, determined to kill someone else, and It’s modules would not come on.

Then I received this:


Your character has repeatedly failed loading on the server. This indicates a fault and support personnel need to be notified. Please file a petition.

Apologies for the inconvenience…
The EVE Dev Team.

And Manasi was done, no more logging in, nadda nothing.

The fight was a good one, we engaged correctly, focused fire when we needed to, and burned quite a few witches down. In the end, either by plan, or realizing they could not beat a fleet as large as ours, C0ven jumped in the PL fleet.

**## There are some reports that C0ven/ SE are NOT blue and that the PL fleet was fleet of opportunity, while unconfirmed this is a real possibility, as there appear to be some C0ven/SE pilots killed by PL. ##**

The Pandemic Legion fleet ( which at this point I could not see) as I was only using 1 Character, landed on the Station. I was frustrated as I could not bring my ships to the fight due to some bug, but they all fought well. Pandemic Legion took the station.

The call for Caps to Evac was made and at 03:45 or so I jumped out.

A1-AUH had fallen. Such is the death of 1 system, we end a two week fight over this system. In the end we stalled them quite a bit, we did not have the Cap fleet of PL & SE & C0ven to be able to fight them on a Capital level, until perhaps the last fight.

It was a very fun night. I enjoyed the fighting, it was intense, we had great FC’s clear and concise calling, good battle setup, and for the most part everyone followed directions, and we blew up quite a few ships. In the end, that’s a good day.

Now I just hope the CCP GM’s fix Manasi’s account!

~ by Manasiv5 on May 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Fall of A1-AUH”

  1. Best fight in this war, it was real fun, so different from last turkey hunt.
    Pandemic Legion is red for us, not even neutral – they are red, and we will shoot them on sight if only have chance to kill. We knew they are coming, we had scouts around in capitals jump range, alts talking with localisation agents, eyes here and there. It would be really nice to have spy there 🙂 but afaik we dont.
    Today we had no chance to kill them without heavy lossess, our fleet wasnt prepared to fight such enemy so we decided not to engage, there was no need to do so. You had bad luck when they apeared, or maybe they thought it will be easier to kill you first than us, I dont know. We had little fight with them, some losses on both sides you can find on killboards.
    To be honest, as You can see, we dont need help in this war, so there is no need to call reinforcement. Thinking we call for ppl who are hostile for us is… well… not really brillant idea 🙂

  2. call it what you like, it still smell like foul play
    during the IT invasion PL was helped by goons who were neut to us PL renters at the time and remained neut the entire time and even shot few of us trying to defend PNQ
    so I honestly believe PL helped SE/Coven win this

  3. Thx for the fight, was great. I hope there will be more engagements like this in the future. About PL, we (C0ven) dont have blue standings to them and dident have in the past either. The station in A1 was claimed by the Pink Bunnies Corporation from C0ven not by the PL.

    Once Again, thx for the fight.

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