…changes in space

SO here we stand again friends, Another expansion just upon us. Still a decidedly slim amount of SPECIFIC information as has become the norm at CCP. I guess I just do not care about a vague reference to something that may happen.

My thirst for information will probably be sated once I read the patch notes. Once I can read those and digest what they actually mean to game play, I will be sure to pass on information.

For those following our conflict with C0ven/ SE and/or Pandemic Legion I wanted to point out that the Sov Map has changed dramatically to the west, Shadow of XX DeathXX, seems to have imploded, Keep in mind the influence map is a LAGGING indicator as it changes after a station has dropped, and enough stations can sometimes cause dramatic results.

Below is a time lapse Month by Month from the Start of Sys-K to now. (2008, 6-19 to 2010, 5 – 11) They are done in one month segments ( otherwise the file was just too big)

Time lapse of southern eve territories

These are from the Verite influence maps done by our good pal over at Dotlan…Mr. Wollari you are the best IT wizard I know!

I will link the individual maps if I can, specifically the big change events:

Loss of the IT space

Collapse of the Goons…umm Empire, across the south

The retaking of Delve/ Querios and Period Basis

And in the middle of it all:  Systematic -Chaos ( Actually TBH Stain empire appears first but then goes away, then Stain Empire, C0ven and Systematic-chaos appear in the 3rd/4th frame)

The Animated Gif repeats 3 times

~ by Manasiv5 on May 12, 2010.

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  1. Awesome map. The wild wild west indeed. Also nice to see my own work rapidly disappear… twice! lol

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