The CEPTA mindset

After yesterday’s great  comments it certainly got me thinking, so for that I can only say thanks.

What Sort of pilot is needed for a 0.0 alliance?

I see an 0.0 (a.k.a ‘null sec’ ) Corporation  in EvE needing three main things.

  • Income
  • Infrastructure
  • Pilots to fight


CEPTA sets it’s taxes based on our current ‘footing’ , if we are in a CTA we set them to 100%, if we have no major activities  they are set to 15%, if we have a project we will adjust them accordingly.

Moon minerals are to some extent, Corporation passive income, they take work to do, take resources to run, but can help with a decent supply of money.  All in all you can make decent money off of this although it is not the goldmine it used to be. Logistics is a big issue here, and while you do not need many, you do need pilots that will fly your logistics to keep you running.

Anomalies are an excellent source of personal income, and with taxes an excellent source of income for a Corporation.

Corporation Mining ops seem to work well for some corps as well, hitting all the high ends from a re-spawning belt over a given number of days can work exceedingly well.


~Markets, moving gear around

Whether it be Cynosural system beacons, Cynosural Jammers, or Jump bridges, all the items needed  to live in 0.0, all these structures run on star base structures. Star base structures require fuel, a few months ago I did the calculations to determine how much fuel cost +/-150M-170M  /per month/per POS  for fuel. For a fully fitted out system Corp costs come close OVER 1 Billion per month not including Liquid ozone which can vary a large amount.

Again you need some pilots, typically the same one that collect minerals etc to be able to

A decent market is another facet that must be in place. Allowing people to replace ships at a quick rate, without gouging people, allows pilots with a limited supply of ships to be able to reship and rejoin the fight.   Ship after ship, MUST be thrown into the fight to accomplish the goal.  Having a decent market up and running is a big thing. CEPTA has it’s own internal market, that is fairly robust as well as comprehensive.

You do need pilots that will take care of the market and make sure people get the right quantity, with little or no stagnation, if things are not bought do not keep bringing those items.

If income exceeds output your doing it right…if not rethink your ideas.

Pilots to fight.

This is where the bone of contention comes in.  You have to have money to fly, you only have certain hours in the day, and if you do not have the money to replace the ship, you have to rebuild money to be able to play. This is where a corporation can step in…in CEPTA we offer Battleships at greatly reduced prices ( yes they still cost something) and we require people to have more than 1 BS setup and ready to roll. If they do not have THAT money needed then we tell em to ship down, to a smaller class and bring those. Manasi is not a rich character by any means.  I followed the exact self same advice I am giving.  I have enough to replace my Carrier or any other ship I might fly. This is due to my personal rule, do not fly the ship if you cannot replace it for cash immediately.  If I lose my carrier I have enough cash to buy another, immediately.  There are many pilots that do NOT run anomalies, do not setup and run markets, do not do anything other than fly out in a battleship to a fight, lose it and have nothing to fall back on.  These pilots that did not PLAN ahead I think were one major issue that SyS-k Had. They had one ship and when they lost it, there were no other ships to buy so they just went and ratted. CEPTA pilots are encouraged to have specialized ratting ships this can take time but allows a player to increase a modest investment to a much more lucrative one.

Start small, interceptors and tacklers, save up enough to outfit one BS fully fitted per alliance specs, fit up a second BS fully fitted per spec.  Once you have the second BS ready to go start putting them into the fight.  Insure your battleships, so that when they blow up the amount of money you get back means you can replace the hull and the modules with the money you get back. Keep doing this (having capable ships ready to fall back on, till you start to feel that the SHIP is less important that the PILOT being at the fight.


We have guys capable of mining vast sums of Arkanor, Bistot and Crokite, yet the minute called for they stop mining and hop in their combat ships and come to help.  Even if they are in an interceptor… this adds SOMETHING.  AM I fond of 10 Vexor’s? No…but I’m more fond of 10 pilots in 10 Vexors than 0 pilots showing up.  CEPTA has a minimum skill level needed to join not because we are super elite of anything like that, but to enhance the EVERY pilot will fight, theme.  Plus they need to make money…so they have to fight AND mine/ Rat/ Complex/build/ run Anomalies. That requires different ships.

Thankfully there is no one who thinks they do not have to step up and fight.  There are no ‘corp ops’ when CTA’s come, there are no oh I gotta go to X and sell Y, during a CTA.  If you do not come out to fight…you get booted.  If even half the Corps that used to be in SyS-k showed with this there would have been plenty of pilots fighting.  Instead, people became complacent.  That complacency killed them.

I know our mindset is not everyone else’s.

Stabs had some good points, as did Logan , and Latrodanes to boot. If you have a thought, be it constructive, disagreeing  with mine,etc step up, I am not going to declare open warfare against you for having the courage to express what you think.  In the past members of Goonswarm, Pandemic Legion, and various others who had good points certainly helped shape my views in a  different way than I thought possible.

~ by Manasiv5 on May 19, 2010.

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  1. As an outsider looking in, I just can't see how the average Joe Pod could keep up with his corp responsibilities as well as keeping his hangar ready. My little personal corp works ok, because if I need to earn dough, I can without worrying about what the corps needs. My corp and toon are basically one-in-the-same (sorry Kino), so I don't have the responsibilities that an active corp does.

    I guess one of my biggest "fears" of joining a large active corp (outside of the fact I am pitiful in a fight and have a nasty addiction to stealth bombers) is the loss of me-time. Sure, a corp isn't involved in a big activity every hour of every day, but when your window for gaming is small, the chances of not having me-time seems to be greater (pure conjecture). I take any commitment seriously, so I perceive that my time would be severely compromised.

    Then again, this is just what I feel, having never been involved with somethng like CEPTA.

    • When you are a director, like me, there is 0 'me' time. None, zip zero, nadda. Honestly this game is no longer about the solo player, having played since 2003 there wasa time when that was true. Corp life is about the people I know and how best can I help. Builds take 5 minutes…I know how to fit out a ship, sharing the build is so easy now it is not hard to set up ships. You become efficient at moving stuff around and you become very good at time management.

  2. Good question Cass and one that hits near and dear to my heart. Latro is sitting on close to 28M skill points. As much as I'd love to move him out to a 0.0 corp where he could be perhaps of more use than sitting in a high-sec hangar spinning (I am completely bored of missioning – if I need to make any, I make more ISK off my trade alt), I know I have limited play time and could only respond to CTAs during those times.

    Frankly, as a player, I find high-sec life far more forgiving of RL's limiting of play time. I believe that, and not fear of death/risk, is one of the major reasons for high-sec's higher player density. 0.0 definitely sounds like a lot more fun and quite a bit more challenging, but I'd either be letting corpies down or wasting their time/effort and I just couldn't bear to do either. It may be only eHonor, but it's all Latro has in an internet spaceships game. 🙂

  3. In general, I'm comfortable with the "everyone fights, no one quits" outlook. However, I'm curious as to how CEPTA responds to pilots unable to log in during CTAs for purely RL reasons (e.g. it occurs during work or sleep time or family commitments).

    How does that philosophy of booting pilots who don't participate in a given op (or, perhaps, series of ops, if they're ill-timed) work?

    • Pilots who tell us they are AWOL are given leave. If they do not tell us what is going on then…bye bye

      • So I'm guessing you trend towards younger, single players? That's not a criticism, by the way, just wondering since many folks might have trouble making constant CTAs (and thus probably don't fit CEPTA 🙂 ).

        • actually among our directorate 4 are married 1 gets more ass than a toilet seat at a rock concert we range in age from 35-57

  4. ; ; Such a beautiful policy.

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