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Those following along lately with my concern about PI, namely that people would not know what planets and objects produce what item, has been addressed.  The test server has a tab for the former NPC items : POS fuel, Sovereignty Structures, Infrastructure Hubs, and other various NPC items.  This tab of information about what planets/ production facilities and other bits of information allows a pilot to plan out what they want.

I think that the change from the NPC provided items to the player produced items has an issue or two with sheer amount of items that need to be made and how LONG it takes to make such items.  Preliminary calculations showed 45 days worth of work to create 30 days worth of one commodity (the most complicated one).  This creates a delay in products being given to markets.  This delay is a problem.  I believe that this is one of the reasons there has been a delay in the release, I think.

The 2 week delay between the 26th deployment and the June 8th hopefully allows for some planning to take place.  Planets that we know now, will also change, apparently 32,000 of them.


An old SyS-k Alliance  member GLD suffered a HUGE loss here that is gonna smart.  I am of two minds regarding the Corp.  There were some good members within GLD, but their CEO is fail.  Having had some dealing with him in peripheral matters personally I did not see much of the drama he caused, but dear lord did I hear about it.  At some point one has to ask, is it him or is it me, after asking yourself that during every conversation one stops wondering and realizes that all types of people play EvE.  Good people ( which I have been ever fortunate to meet ) Bad people (which I have been fortunate enough NOT to meet many of)  and difficult people who just make it extremely hard to get along with, he falls in the last group.  GL wherever GLD goes with Comso at the helm they will need it I fear.


(if you thought I was gonna call my favorite red headed mercenary  MYNXEE ugly think again, and no I’m not into guys so I wont comment about Mr. Teadaze πŸ˜‰ )

There have been some AWESOME people I have met as well playing EvE, highlighting two of them is not Easy but worth the time.

Mynxee and Teadaze

I have had the distinct pleasure of coming to know Mynxee for the last two years while blogging.  She is one person that has commented the most here at AMIE.  If you read all the responses together you come to understand where the person ( if not the player) is coming from.  She would do wonders if elected to the CSM. Two of my votes were for Her. Her dedication to the game is unquestionable, she seems and honest person willing to espouse good ideas with careful thought excellent wit + a side of charisma and attitude to boot

The second is Teadaze. I have read his posts (yes on the eve-o forums) during the last election cycle and have read his blog steadily since he has been keeping the notes for the CSM 4 there.  What an invaluable resource. The time, effort and just decent well thought out and articulated ideas got my other two votes. He seems equally articulate, careful thinking guy whose ideas I can get behind and understand. ( yes I do have 4 accounts)

I am not involved with Agony Unleashed ( Tea’s corp) nor with NOIR (the corp Myxnee’s joined), the Hellcats (Mynxee’s old Corp) nor the Bastards, but I do not have to be to see good people, spell out good ideas, and encourage them to continue with their efforts.  I hope you two win, and even if you don’t that you keep on thinking the good ideas, and letting us good folks know.

Latrodanes ( blogspot link doesn’t work now) brought  up a question about how much time one would need to devote to a Corp to be useful.  Whatever time you have got is my answer.  CEPTA does not require you login, or alarm clock or anything else like that, we only require that when you play EvE you do so with us.  As a player I do login almost every day if not to check mail then to see if someone needs help or just to say hi. I like staying current with EvE as best I can like technology you can never really totally keep up.  Unplugging is good too and I do that on occasion to keep some sanity and perspective.  In the end do not let it bother you if you only have 90 minutes, do your best to make it the best 90 minutes or whatever time you got and I think your corp will understand.

TC and Good Hunting

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  1. Interesting math on the PI stuff. I've been watching and posturing my alts to take advantage of the extraction portion in order to support some producers. As always, we'll see how the expansion really goes only once it goes live.

    Re: Crane Kill. Two things come to my mind. One of my old First Sergeants used to say "Don't do dumb things!" Then there's our mantra – "Don't fly what you cannot afford to lose (including cargo)."

    Good luck to Mynxee and TeaDaze. Both are very dedicated and talented pilots. I have learned a heck of a lot from Mynxee both via her blog and discussions in the Hellcats Pub way back when I first entered this mad, mad world. TeaDaze has also provided no end of both information and amusement.

    PS – Sorry about the dead blog. I felt it added little to the discourse and as I've noted, Latro is on a bit of a station-based, caffeine/alcohol tinged, ship-spinning career path right now. If you hear of anybody who needs an absolutely inexperienced, very casual, will-fly-just-about-anything-because-it's-shiny kinda pilot, drop me a line? πŸ™‚

  2. PI is going to be fascinating. I think it will have a strategic impact. I think eventually it must have a strategic impact. So invading someone's space will be partly a matter of attacking their infrastructure using DUST514 mercs.

    @Mynxee and Teadaze Best wishes. I agree it would be cool if you work together.

  3. ❀ Mule πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the support for both of us…I hope so much that T and I both get elected–it would be so cool to work together!

  4. Always interesting. I share your belief in the people I've met in Eve, they're just like the real people I meet in the real world expect a bit more exaggerated. This is only my opinion, but a-hats in the real world just seem to be bigger a-hats in-game. Good people just seem even better in-game. Blah blah.

  5. Wow. A Blockade runner fit for cargo expansion instead of agility? Total failfit. And I think the loss of 251 billion in assets proves that it was fail. Holy schnikes!

  6. That last bit clarifies what I was actually trying to ask yesterday. πŸ™‚

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