PI changes

Spent some time this weekend running through some PI activities.

I was able to harvest resources and run through some small productions, oxygen from noble gas and metal compounds etc.
There are some Things I have not seen:
Importing something to a planet. (maybe spaceports fill this role)

Setting up one planet as an industrial one seems difficult for now.

6 colonies may be too few to actually produce all the POS fuel needed.

Mechnical parts, Enriched Uranium, Oxygen, Coolant, Robotics.. Are all the components needed for POS operations. 5 pieces to end up with and we are able to control 6 colonies….

Still very unsure if they can be manufactured in any significant quantity to be worth a damn, time will tell.
One of the intresting things is that this could be an excellent source of income. That is one of the things that has drawn my focus to it.

On a grumpier note where are all the promised dev blogs about these details. It is getting damn close for there to be so many unanswered questions…?

Any thoughts out there from others who might be tinkering?

~ by Manasiv5 on May 24, 2010.

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  1. As an industrialist I don't agree on the fight first

    To import something to a planet you need to load it into the structure that appears in orbit when you have an operational spaceport, you can then import it to the planet

    Be advised there is a 15% import tax.

    There was talk about a structure that would allow players on the same world to trade resources without them having to be shipped off world, which would be better, since most worlds you need to produce POS fuels on allso provide the biggest deposits of the raw materials needed.

  2. @stabs – bubbles don't need PI. Their NPC goods are not part of PI.

    @manasi – no argument, just don't expect em in the BS fleet until they are VERY old. It takes around 2 times as much skill to be a good industrialist as it does to be a combat pilot.

  3. My guess is there will be tons of people doing the basic combines. The advanced POS structures requiring capital parts will be very hard to do – you need to arrange a ton of different material sources and not get ganked while you're sitting in an industrial playing with the planet screen.

    Moving ahead to an Eve that is entirely dependent on these processes for space holding structures and we're looking at a game system that is highly strategic as well as economic.

    We've disagreed about carebears in the past but when PI is fully developed anyone who needs to hold space will absolutely need carebears on board.

    So I don't think people are going to get especially rich off robotics and contruction blocks (although very nice income for newbies) but I do think people who can make POSes, SBUs and bubbles will be highly successful.

    • Actually we do not disagree per se… I think industrialists should fight first and be an industrialist second.

      • No, we disagree then.

        I think there should be room for non-combat players. Where we agree is that there is no room in nullsec for non-contributing players.

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