Couple nice fights

This weekend was a good one, aside from wracking my brain to figure out why a killboard I keep trying to setup keeps crashing and burning, we have had a good couple of days.

in 7UTB CEPTA was ‘in’ on 27 Kills, there was a Massive bubble on the gate and PL TCF a few others from the NC showed up.  They were spanked fairly hard.

We may be opening up more recruitment soon, so keep your eyes posted here and I will let you know details when I can.

We have also been busy seemingly having endless meetings as well this weekend.  Thank goodness it was a holiday weekend so some gaming could be done…haha

for some reason I keep getting a screen shot message about primary monitors and crap and well it si REALLY gd irritating I made a couple NICE screens shots of the oh, 20 anchored bubbles but damned if I can find it…I will do some looking…grr still no luck. The message is some dumb thing about primary monitors and whatnot.

Anyways I will figure out why I cannot seem to get screenshots to work.

Oh yes the overview crap might be fixed tomorrow..let us hope so.

TC and Good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on June 1, 2010.

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