Various bits continued

More learning continues.  The new SyS-k board is running now, and continue to humm along nicely.

The killboard did not update as setting up cron jobs was a bit new to me but once done it works VERY well.

Do index some of your tables it will greatly improve performance when /if you use it.

Do database backups after you do all your importing of kills from other syndication sources, in case you have to restart from somewhere at least that is  as good a place as any.

Check with your ISP about cache setups, some require external memory configurations

PI setup is done and I am in position to where I need to be for tomorrow’s “Land Rush”

My setup includes 4 planets, all with spaceports, and extractors and processors of all types.  More on that tomorrow as I complete them.

Have had some fun as of late with having smaller gangs of guys running around.  I LOVED the massive number of ships piling into systems and unleashing havoc upon a an enemy.  nothing quite lives up to the great Turkey shoot or the epic fights in 49-U6U.

.-A-. reset us ( and most of rest of the entire cluster as well) except for of course C0ven and Stain Empire…grr I am still not very fond of either of these two entities.

I am not sure what this portends in the future but we shall see.

SyS-K has certainly shrunk from one of the foremost in size alliances to certainly one of the smaller ones.

In other news this shrinking of the Alliance has certainly allowed us to get to know others better, we now fly with quite a few other groups a regular matter of course.

check out Wollari’s absolutely fanstaistic site at, the guy really is an API master and can seemingly pull data from out of the ether.  Want to knwo if all the corps in the alliance ar setting their tax rate to 100% to encourgae participation, you can now search for that, AND create an RSS feed to that as well.  Want to know when a new Corporation comes and goes from the Alliance?  now you can know this as well:

DOTLAN EveMaps Live Ticker – Alliance: Joined, Left: Against ALL Authorities, Atlas Alliance, C0VEN, RED.OverLord, Stain Empire…finding out which corps have left and joined people.,Left/Against_ALL_Authorities,Atlas_Alliance,C0VEN,RED.OverLord,Stain_Empire?source=ignitionfork

Take care till next time.

TC and good hunting!


~ by Manasiv5 on June 7, 2010.

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