Piss poor planning leads to pathetic performance

Some questions have come back from my post yesterday about my colonies.
I planned and tested for about two weeks before I ever set any pins down on a planet.

See if what I have listed below doesn’t help.

  1. Planning
    • I figured out WHAT i wanted to make.  This cannot be overlooked.  Know what you want to make THEN move on from there.
    • I then found the planets I wanted to use.  I surveyed the ones I thought would fulfill what I wanted to do, I then picked the best 4 I could.
    • Once on the planet I surveyed until I found the 2 or 3 resources I need to be able to make what I wanted on each planet.
  2. Building
    • When placing a PI structure on the planet where you place the command center doesn’t matter.
    • A great tip is to know in advance if you need a launchpad ( only available on Improved, Advanced and Elite command centers)
    • Place your command center down
    • Place your spaceport, then your Advanced Processor, then the Basic processors, lastly the extractors
    • LINK distance is VERY important. Very long links should be avoiding like the plague. Instead try a spaceport if the item you want is on the other side of the planet from where you produce items
    • Nothing HAS to be linked to your command center ( if you want to use it as a secondary storage you need to link it)
    • Setup your Products first, your routes second.
    • work  BACKWARDS from your advanced processors to your extractors keeping in mind where your extractors need to go.
  3. Management
    • Produce what you can on a given planet as far as you can ( P0 to P3 for example) as it reduces the export taxes.
    • Do you store AFTER your extract or AFTER you process? I say after you process ( if you need to at all ) as you shrink the amount you have from Po product to a P1 ( 3000 units to 20 units)  product…this only works if you are then exporting the product…if this feeds into a P2 process do not bother storing it at all. Send it right to the P2 (adv processor) then either to a launchpad or to some storage.
    • your launchpad has loads of storage…but your processors do not.
    • follow your routes very carefully, make sure that the end product is where it should be ( launch pad or the storage or the command center)

Link distance can add up perhaps a second spaceport makes more sense.

Create your plan

Follow your plan

Reevaluate as needed

TC and good planning.

~ by Manasiv5 on June 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “Piss poor planning leads to pathetic performance”

  1. All great pointers. Since we don't really know what is going to be in demand market-wise, I've been trying to ensure any colonies my production peeps drop have the potential to shift to other products.

  2. Nice pointers, I don't have a lot of interest in actually trying PI but it's very interesting to learn how it works.

  3. The only difference I have done is all routes either begin or end at the launchpad. This allows the launchpad to store overflow. This in turn allows the processors to keep running even if the extractors have finished their cycles. It also allows me to easily see where I have excess in the system by looking at the inventory of the launchpad.

  4. Very nice summary. I have one avanced CC at 98% Power grid right now churning out two P3 items. Dropped a P4 processor on there before I found out I don't have all it takes to make P4 stuff 🙂 there goes some cash.



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