PI, the source to riches?

After about a week of running my PI setup I realized quickly that it was NOT the way to untold riches at first glance.

Realizing that the further out you are from the Major trade hubs though you have to factor in Jump fuel.  Jump Fuel spent for POS fuel, seemed idiotic at first glance and upon further thought it really is stupid.  I can easily generate enough fuel to keep a large POS running without too much trouble.

When SyS-K was large we had as many as 22 POS’s running at one time.  This generated upwards of 7- 8 jumps per month with nothing but POS fuel.  7-8 jumps per month at approximately $40M per series in JUMP fuel alone not to mention the POS fuel that you have to buy, meant that we would burn about 320M in jump jump fuel.  Add in fuel for 24 towers and the numbers REALLY do begin to climb up. anywhere from 1.3 Billion a month and you start to see where pilots can earn money. this is just with 5 POS fuel components: Enriched Uranium, Mechanical Parts, Coolant, Oxygen, and Robotics.

The other reason to jump to empire?  T2 ship components, except now those too can be built in deepest 0.0, and Wormhole space.  Letrange and his buddies live in WH space and I can see where this will directly help them as well.

Not  a whole lot of combat this week.  There have been some skirmishes, but nothing really major.  With the Summer as always comes some major slow down at times to all of us combat needing pilots.  That is right the play sometimes slows a bit during the summer.

CEPTA will be recruiting again , soon.  SO please keep your eyes peeled here as I will post what we are looking for, the way we operate and the types of players we normally work well with.  Our last recruitment drive netted 14 players 3 of which who stayed and are very good contributors to CEPTA.

SyS-K will also be recruiting as well before too long. I will make a separate announcement about that as well, and will provide details as I can.

Here is a new term for you:


Definition~ being volunteered, and then told AFTER the fact, that you had been volunteered for a job, as you were not online/ around/ in the office.

Usage: ~ “Yestreday, I was voluntold that I would be in charge of recruiting new players for the Alliance. I am so happy, I could spit nails and build houses like that”

Isn’t learning new words fun?

TC and keep your heads down, ya hear?

~ by Manasiv5 on June 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “PI, the source to riches?”

  1. I have been surprised how time intensive PI is. Just doing Tier 1 stockpiling, I am moving materials on a daily basis and scheduling pickups (even with 20,000m^3 in customs-station hangar).
    Mistakes are also costly. Plant something in the wrong spot and you're out a bunch, especially dealing with space ports.
    The market will take time to acclimate to PI, perhaps maybe 6 months. Only then will any ISK benefit will be really evident.

  2. I think that if one devoted themselves to PI and possibly looked at basing close to Jita in order to be able to buy/import any underages that may exist in the supply chain then one could probably make some serious cash doing this. . . but it'd be your full-time job in EVE while you were doing it.

  3. I see PI as a way to produce some local commodoties in far reaches not so so much untold wealth. I have a 30 day trial going where I hope to make select P3 and P4 products using 6 CCs. Not a cheap setup by any means.



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