4 common traps

Over the last few days/ weeks I have seen quite a few people trap themselves into ways of thinking.

Example 1 is a short term veteran of our corp thinking that Mission running  in empire is acceptable.

Example 2 is the belief that all sales take place in Jita.

Example 3 is  the belief that 0.0 is just like empire, but with no concord.

Example 4 is a new pilot who can sit in the battleship, but cannot use anything but the T1 guns. Do not do this.

In CEPTA we do not mission run  in empire.  If you jump to an Empire clone for training, or the need of a skillbooks, and want to rat for the 24 hour duration, many pilots understand that while sitting in +4’s or +5’s you really do not want to kill a given clone.  so for short stints it makes some sense.  We live in 0.0, so  the patrolled spaces of empire means nothing to me except a place to get skillbooks from one of the major schools.  The main reason we do no trun Missions in empire is that we are roughly 60 Jumps from the ‘core’ empire  systems, and we must engage enemies that come into our sector of space lest the come to enjoy it. SO the pilots have to be in our area of space to be able to respond. Stay with your corp, help them out you and they will be much better for it.

Someone recently commented that the only way make money off of PI would be to base near JITA.  While that may be a case, there are quite a few market hubs available. Yes JITA is large, but by no means the only one.  As a matter of fact great money can be made providing goods at these markets… many times they are cheaper than Jita to buy, other times they can be more expensive.  Many people are lazy and wish to only shop at one place rather than save millions buying elsewhere.  For those that subscribe to this… get your head out of your ass.   Check in deep 0.0 where there are some viable markets and see what the prices are you might be surprised. Here are some empire alternative  hubs to check out:

  1. Rens – Heimatar region, Minmatar
  2. Oursulaert – Essence region, Gallente
  3. Amarr – Domain region, Amarr
  4. Hek – Metropolis region, Minmatar

The third example in our list is a warning to new pilots.  Do not roam alone, 2 vs 1 seems like survivable odds, they are not.  Cruise around if you must with a buddy or a cloaking  scout, that’s what the covert ops are best for.  Just because a space is ” blue” doesn’t mean there isn’t a 30 man gang on the other side waiting to pounce on you.  Watch the damned Intel channels.  That’s what they were created for.

In our 4th example of what not to do, to overcome this issue here is a  lay out for a  decent training plan.  For PvP a decent progression is Interceptors, Interdictors, Battlecruisers\T2 Cruisers, then battleships.  Stop now the idea that “once I sit in a Battleship I won’t die”  You will die and quite quickly get used to it… Below is a good training plan as a starting point:

  1. Tackle: Train for interceptors and Interdictors.  Learn to fly them well before you move up roles/classes of ship.
    • In order to tackle effectively you only need to worry about two things.
      • Warp disruption via either a point ( warp disruptor ) or bubble ( Interdictor )
      • Speed
  2. DPS: lay down the pain(battle cruisers and T2 Cruiser’s can excel at this)
    • for DPS you also need two things:
      • T2 Guns
      • Advanced Ammo
  3. Heavy  Sniper; hits at 30KM for up close damage, 150KM+ for snipers
    • For the Heavy Sniper you need a ton of guns (battleship hulls FTW)
      • You need t2 Large guns + advanced ammo
      • You need a good sniper  ship:
        • Apocalypse
        • Rokh
        • Megathron
        • Tempest

So we train for tackle, then DPS, then Sniper.  this is certainly not the only way to train.. but in CEPTA to become fully self supporting/ and be able to survive you at a MINIMUM have to be able to do 1 of these.

~ by Manasiv5 on June 15, 2010.

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  1. I tend to focus on support skills first, and then move up with the guns

  2. All excellent points but one thing I think is missing and something I tell new players all the time because I don't think they could ever hear it enough.

    Don't forget your support skills!

    I mean, what good is being able fly a T2 cruiser, if you can't use T2 weapons? And what good is T2 weapons if you can't track the target worth a damn, or put enough hurt behind them, or better yet, fit them all?

    Support skills, support skills, support skills! 🙂

  3. I have been so guilty of #4 in the past. Losing to a t2 fitted Incursus in a FAILfit BC (mix of T-1 guns) AND a buddy in a Destroyer (no point, no speed) is so incredibly embarassing. I have focused on frigs ever since, getting faster and better gunned.

    I do most of my trade at Oursalert or Cistavert. I haven't even been to Jita (FW kinda screws me there), but by gauging market prices I make out ok. Factoring time and contract uncertainty, I think it is a push for the majority of day-to-day items.

    Good points all around.

  4. Agree X4! Speaking from my corps. experience. Once we joined a NULL Allience #1 was a no-no based on wars. I build stuff near Jita and as an example. I can buy 1MN ABII's in Dodixie and sell them for 100K each more in Jita for the sake of what 20. I cannot tell you how many of my corps. losses are as a result of #1 or more so #3. "I'll just go mine in xyz-45. It's safe!" POP! WTF! I don't even rat anymore alone in null. #4 This is why all of my toons cannot fly a BS. I might have less than 10 kills with Zombinutz, but 1/4 of those kills are crappy raven fits 😉

    Sound advice mate. reminds me that I need to start work on "A noobs guide to PvP!" some time.



  5. It's people like you that are making Noobs smarter these days. Please stop doing that. 🙂

    Just kidding. I wish someone had pounded this into my head when I started, but I've learned it all at the school of hard knox over time. Good advice.

  6. Let me guess: someone in CEPTA had a stupid loss and a half.

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