Looking for a few good pilots

Hey all CEPTA is recruiting.

Before too many rush in I thought I’d lay out the Requirements:

Pilot requirements:

1) You have to want to fight, in CEPTA we fight first, everything else comes second.  If you do not know what it’s like to fight in 0.0, and want to give it a shot keep reading.

2) We do not grief people, the game is hardcore enough as is.  If that’s the way you play go elsewhere.

3) The skill “thick skin” MUST be at level 5!  If you cannot survive our banter on voice coms, things will be VERY hard for a pilot..nothing, and I do mean nothing is out of bounds, we will call everyone all kind of names, but we have all known each other for anywhere from 3 months to 2.5 years. Headsets are STRONGLY encouraged. Mess with the Directors at your peril, we tend to bite.

4) The guys in CEPTA want people to discover how much fun PvP can be.  If you want to come and Farm DO NOT join CEPTA. If you Farm/ wish to run complex’s 24/7 / or do anything that doesn’t involve PvP combat go elsewhere.

5) You need to be able to do one, two, or  all three of the following things:

  1. Tackle: be able to pilot  Interceptors or Interdictors.
  2. DPS: be able to pilot Battlecruisers / T2 HAC’s in a some race {you must be able to fit T2 Medium Guns)
  3. Heavy  Sniper; be able to pilot one of the four ships : (Apocalypse, Rokh, Tempest, Megathron ) which hits at 30KM for up close damage, 150KM+ for sniper.

6) you need to be in the following spread of timezones: +2 GMT ~ -7 GMT ( GMT = Greenwich Mean Time.  SO if you live in European Time zone through the US Timezone..keep on reading.

So if you fly interceptors, great… come on aboard. If you fly interceptors AND DPS even better, welcome aboard. If you fly all three Fantastic!

** Notice there are no mention made of missiles, that is on purpose ( except the crow of course) if your a 100% missile guy and can make your case why we should have you we’ll listen

CEPTA rules

All pilots under control by the player need to either be in the new player corps OR in CEPTA.

Full API’s are required for pilots to be vetted, we use accVIEW to help with this.

Voice communications are a must, if your in game you damned well better be on voice coms.

What we Offer

A good place to live in Period Basis,  a fully upgraded system. ( to make money Anomalies are phenomena source of income.)

API driven killboard, Teamspeak 3 server, an average age of about 30,  (most of us have families and we know this game is just that.  A game.)  When your on we want you to have fun.

Greatly reduced Battleship prices, a well stocked module store, a large amount of Ammo / Drones.

A good amount of PvP to be had around us.

How to Apply

  1. visit us in the CEPTA PUB channel from 5 PM EST to 9 PM EST, just say hi and IF WE CAN talk we will
  2. Join voice coms (normally EvE Voice) so we can chat with you
  3. Be prepared with SP, types of ships currently fly, what you want to fly.
  4. Ask your CEO of your former, or current  ( if possible/ if applicable) corporation if we can ask a few questions.
  5. be patient

TC and good hunting.


~ by Manasiv5 on June 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “Looking for a few good pilots”

  1. a. Full API key? With limited you can see a character's alts. With Full you can check their assets and their and their training queue.
    b. You need to change the 'all alts must be in new player corps' to 'all alts must be in NPC corps' because some alts may have history and dropped out of a corp back to unused status. Valid reasons include research alts joining/creating corps to access POS research facilities and alts who farm FW missions for iskies.

    Bottom line, I like the overall attitude and feel of the recruitment, but the details … let's just say we will not be meeting in the middle.

    Nobody gets my full key.

    • no full key no TS3, no full key no Killboard pull, no api you do not join.We use Accview whichs acts as middleman but we reserve the right to ask for it and denial will involve an immediate kick.

      BTW the api key is READ ONLY. If you ever run an alliance you'll use it for killboards, if you ever even bother with a personal killboard you'll need the full API, hell if you use EVEHQ you'll need it.

  2. Hope your recruiting goes well – good luck to you guys. I hope sys-k gets back on its feet, I'm looking forward to seeing you in your local for some extremely good fights (yeah, I'm part of NC now, who'd have thunk it!)

  3. What is you view on Scouts? At my age, my hand-eye coordination isn't the best and I have a hard time keeping up with the "youngsters" doing PvP. I am training Frigate V where I can cloak-up and go out and find the targets for the rest of the gang to attack…. Now if only I had a Jump Clone to save my implants.

    • Scouts are useful and quite viable. as for age well tbh you would be one of the first guys to tell me they don't have the reaction time. This is not a twitch game, where reflex's and fast clicking is critical this is a more thoughtful tactical thing. There is no real age restriction as far as that goes. Can you follow orders? Put the right stuff on your ships, give out info as it is needed? those are the critical things. Train infomoprh psychology for access to jump clones.

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