Of recruiting, combat, and errata

I thought I’d share with people some information I have been gathering. Over the last week or so, I have been recruiting folks for CEPTA.

1) When recruiting, pay no attention to the ass-hats for they will come out of the woodwork.

2) There is a service accVIEW, which is highly recommended to help recruit people.  It acts very much like a API broker, providing information to corporate recruiters ( like me) and yet does protects the full API.  I actually paid isk to join the service and have yet to be disappointed.

3) Spies are inevitable but things can be done to protect your Corporation if you wish, diligence is important.

4) Take notes,  it is nearly impossible to lie consistently for any given length of time.

5) Remember to change you CSPA recruiters will not pay for communications.


There has been some combat of late, the majority being small skirmishes. Mostly against C0ven, Stain Empire, and Brick Squad.  There was a highly successful operation over the weekend that took a  great deal of planning.  SO hats off to all the guys that participated on the Operation.


WordPress 3.0 is out, and yours truly has updated the blog to run with it..if you have not yet upgraded due to fear at the process it was VERY fast! If something look awry or does not seem to fit anymore please let me know.


I do not know about you folks but I actually really enjoy being able to access my mail from the web, that has been a well done upgrade i think.  After watching AT8, I  have started to dread a little that the next expansion ( Incarna?) will again not be focused on ships , but of tying in more content to the system.  Do I want to alter my picture? Yes I do.

Do I want to walk around in stations? Perhaps, if there is something interesting to see and do.  I want bigger, faster, meaner ships, I want combat to continue to evolve and change over time like it has done to date.

Do I like the concept of PI?  Yes, I do,   I would like an option between 23 hour cycle and 4 days cycle though. Am I making as much POS fuel as I thought?  No, I am not. Unless I REALLY micro-manage the outputs I do not think that even checking once per day I can make enough POS fuel to keep 1 tower running. Perhaps the outputs need to be tweaked a bit.

I am planning to go to Fanfest, but honestly for me it is about the combat so I am filled with some trepidation that it will be all “look at the shinies and the costumes and the people.” I say screw the costumes give me MORE SHIPS!

Well I just want to fight.  In space ships, outside in space… you know where the other people should be. Wait and see is a great mantra… I will certainly do that.

TC for now and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on June 22, 2010.

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  1. If you are using nullsec planets, I am surprised on one character you cannot produce enough materials for one POS. I say this because with skills at lvl4 (therefore advanced ccs and 5 planets) I can very nearly manage the fuel needs of one large POS utilising on hisec planets, where the resource extraction rate is very low. I have only been using 23 hour cycles as a rule, running a few 5 hour cycles at weekends.

  2. You're not the only one worried about station walking. While I hope that CCP does something new and interesting with it, I can't help but worry that it will somehow fundamentally change the game in a way that I might not like. It seems like another game to me, not Eve. As much as PI has increased lag I can only imagine what walking around in stations would do.

    Wait and see.

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