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Friday’s tend to be a good days so,  this is  very opinionated piece about random stuff.

Where to begin where to begin?

Oh yes… the crying and pitiful mewling of people who could not play EvE for 37 hours.  Dear Lord, please help these souls who rather live in the fake world than come to grips with the RL in which we live.  Guys really it is pathetic. ( OK ok so that is funny to me)

We get a new ship and it is a GOD DAMNED INDUSTRY ship?  Oh for pete’s sake why is it that CCP wants to reward us with a Gallente ORE Industry ship?  GAHHH. I want to fight.  Yes ok I understand something that somehow does some sort of shipping involved with planets but for the love of god WHY CAN’T it be a COMABT SHIP? FFS

The region where I am now living had a 10/10 complex scanned down. Much ado was made with how to tank versus what logistics to bring etc etc etc. We get our nice fleet together and we all arrive at the gate.  Then one of the guys says and I quote “DO all of you have Warp drive Operation to Level 5?” I’M thinking, I’m thinking, I check the skills log and FFS I do not… it is level 4.  Oh shit I fail at EvE.  First time I ever NOT been able to run a complex due to the lack of a Skill in a given area.  Oh yes.. our main tank does not have the skill either.  Fail.  10/10 Fail.  Hanging my head in shame I set it to train so this won’t happen again. FFS

Did I mention CCP is giving us a god damned ORE ship? Crap.

PI seems to need some tweaking but overall it seems to be offering what some want…a bit of passive income. I do mean a bit, I have yet to get rich, but I did not intend to make a ton of money but it seems as if this may indeed pay off in the long run.

Did I mention the god damned ORE ship, oh yes it seems I did. Still Crap.

Lastly I will define “carebearing.”

Lets talk about what it is NOT

  1. It is not running industry type of characters
  2. It if not Mining all the live long day
  3. It is not running planet complex’s ( PI stuff)
  4. It is Not mission does come close at times
  5. It is not trading

Simply stated it is the lack of desire to FIGHT in a PvP ship. Period. The Desire to fight is the key…all this other stuff is what feeds INTO fights.

Without people to buy ships from there would BE no fights, without those who mine there would be no minerals to build with. Without the PI guys you would not have T2 production etc again all these are needed to support building or POS or whatnot.  Mission running for money to buy your new ship?  Not carebearing, Mission running to avoid fights…definitely fits our definition. Trading is another way to make money to supply ships, parts, weapons, Ammo whatever is needed to make fighting possible.

Why the definition?  People use it as a pejorative, to decry someone who is scared or inexperienced or some perceived coward.

In other news once warp drive operation is lvl 5 then the slog will be on for black ops ( might as well make the training worth it eh?

TC and Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on June 25, 2010.

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  1. I've gotta disagree about "Carebear". For a variety of reasons, I play EvE mostly as an indy, trade or PvE player, although Latro hasn't run a mission in months. In other words, I really don't have any burning desire/motivation for PvP. Latro may get into FW if they ever fix it to have an effect.

    However, and I think this is the big "however", I recognize that PvP in EvE can happen anywhere. I fly what I can afford to lose when undocking. As such I have no issues with enjoying the shiny internet spaceships, while recognizing that for whatever reason, others may want to blow them up. S'okay with me.

  2. I quite agree with re: carebearing. I run missions and a PI network on two characters to fund the buying of ships for my pirate toon (the PI network toon not so much but its also a hauler which acts as a gopher for my pirate toon in between doing PI)

    Carebearing does not denote what you actually do in game, it merely denotes the mindset or rationale behind a toon which you as the player want to keep out of PvP. Your reasoning is sound but it also works in reverse; without miners there would be no minerals to build the ships which the PvP players need to do their PvP, just as without PvP players there would be no market for the ships built with those minerals.

    This is a concept which dovetails nicely with something I've been saying for a while now: Every aspect of EVE is PvP at some level. You mine, you sell those minerals on the market, you undercut your competition to make a sale, thats PvP. Granted its not as visceral and adrenaline fuelled as combat PvP but it is still competition between players.

    Players and nay-sayers who call for PvP to be removed from EVE or don't like EVE because of the possibility of non-consensual PvP are missing the point. EVE would not be EVE without it, it jsut would not work. The market, the mining, the missioning; there would be no ppint without players who take great pleasure in blowing each other up fo fun and profit.

  3. The most recent combat ship was the tier 1 faction battleships in Dominion.

    I do sort of think that complaining about us getting a new non-combat gift ship greatly misses the point. The other two gift ships (Apotheosis and Zephyr) were non-combat shuttles, and we haven't had a new, completely non-combat ship introduced since the Orca. I suppose the Anathema could perhaps count.

    New ships? Yes, we need them. But complaining that a particular new ship doesn't loan itself to YOUR playstyle seems a bit shortsighted.

  4. Why did you need warp drive op 5? I've done a 10/10 with only 4 in that skill.

    In consolation, I hope you at least get a chance to shoot the new ship very soon!

  5. Didn't know you were so far down the hole you needed CCP charity just to get your hooves on a combat ship, Manasi.

    • lol I can and have a huge supply of ships …but well I just liek new ones, when was the last combat ship introduced? Apocrypha with T3 cruisers was my thought…I just am not too enamored with indy ships is all 🙂

  6. LOL I had a similar experience this week and discovered for some insane reason I never trained Shield Mgt to Level V and I've been stuck as a Caladri pilot for most of my career!! So needless to say I'm training that now. Sheesh, just when you think you've started to get a grip.

    You forgot to mention that industry ship thing we're getting! And here I was hoping for something with guns on it.

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