"So say we all"

“So say we one,  so say we all!”

The blogfather, or blog fashaa ( ala Mike Myers in Gold Member) hath spoken: http://www.crazykinux.com/2010/06/how-to-get-into-eve-blog-pack.html , ever  faithful member of the pack I will update the blogs removed.  Just cause your not on the list do not think you’re forgotten 🙂

I try my best to comment on people’s posts but just do not get around to everyone sadly.  Still I will try to comment on the people in the pack at least the best I am able.

Go read Mynxee’s post: http://lifeinlowsec.blogspot.com/2010/06/csm-june-2010-summit-retrospective.html it pisses me off and it may make you angry as well but hey at least now we KNOW more than we did.

After that read Ankhesentapemkah Post: http://eve-takecare.net/ She also shares some good thoughts.

Ask yourself  ” if these folks have been elected and the ‘development slots’ are already filled”  what would you do? I would be rather grumpy TBH. To elaborate here is a personal list gathered from those two blogs of what I think the pipeline looks like:

  • update to 0.0 issues ….no time  in the pipeline
  • update to the UI….no time  in the pipeline
  • update to fix idiotic issues….no time  in the pipeline
  • Fixes to Low Sec…no time  in the pipeline
  • Fixes to Faction Warfare…no time  in the pipeline
  • Fixes to lag ( included)~ Thank god they are taking this seriously
  • update to fix niggling PI stuff (included)
  • intro of DUST ( included)
  • intro of Incarna (included)

I will delay any summary judgement to be sure, but damn if this shit doesn’t irrite the crap outtta me.

I have 0 desire for DUST or for Incarna for that matter ( I am talking about the basics that we know of)…DUST ( running around FPS style on a planet) and Incarna (running around on stations in typical MMO RPG style)

The fact that these two items are in the pipeline ALREADY means that whether we like it or don’t the next year will not see much development in what we ( the 0.0 alliances/ corp’s/PvPers/Low Sec pirates/ Faction Warfare) want.

At least with information, we can at least express our thoughts about these things. THANK goodness for that!

Keep up the good work CSM5 if anyone can make some headway I am SURE you can!

So say we all.

~ by Manasiv5 on June 30, 2010.

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  1. Going to be interesting to see what happens next. Once the cat realizes it has been belled it can eat the mice or live with that damn ringing noise


  2. So unless it is a brand new feature designed to bring new players into the game they aren't interested in spending development time on it.

    Where did the developer go with the "No Features" T-shirt from AT8…

    • I believe I heard someone say that it was Torfi (champion of Planetary Interaction and recently given the job of EVE Creative Director)…according to one former CCP person, that tee-shirt was a few years old.

  3. Look at it this way with more idiots drawn to the game with Incarna, they'll have to undock sometime, maybe they'll bumble from Dodixie to OMS……As for the UI fixes, its the only reason I voted for Mynxee, our UI is circa 1982 DOS format. Its a double edged sword, I love the amount of information up on the screen, but how do you get that all condensed into a streamlined UI. Has anyone put out design ideas? I've read about the PVP specific UI, but haven't actually seen anything.

    Still the best MMO out there, we can only hope that as CCP opens new offices and hires more devs that a team will be assigned to taking care of the current issues.

    • UI had its own session and was discussed in context of other sessions. It is a large complex beast. We offered a lot of suggestions and ideas, pointed out the many UI proposals and F&I threads, etc. I will wait to see what the minutes say before I speak about it, as there was some NDA stuff mixed into the discussion.

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