Right tool for the right job

Something my step-father always told me and dangit if he wasn’t right as rain.

Either through foolishness or desire to fly new ships I have trained to fly every race except Gallenete on Manasi.

Working through the classes of ships there are many that I consider “Best of Breeds” for Manasi to fly

Tacklers ~  light, and very fast, these nimble little guys are excellent tacklers and scouts, some getting a bonus to warp disruption range:

  • All around the Caldari Crow
  • Fleet Minmatar  Stiletto
  • Meanest of the bunch Dramiel

Heavy Tacklers ~ not as light , but able to take some punishment and bring something special to the camp.

  • Long range webbing with the Minmatar Rapier
  • Fast locks(2880 scan res) with 3200M/s speed with the Minmatar Jaguar

DPS cruisers~  honestly the list should include the Diemos, but sadly that is one ship I do not fly with Manasi

  • The very fast, very dangerous Auto-cannon fitted Minmatar Vagabond
  • One of the most ferocious of ships the Pulse fitted Amarr Zealot


  • the Amarr Curse (thanks for the fitting ideas yesterday fellas)
  • The Multi race Ashimmu
  • The Multi raced Bhalgorn


  • The Caldari Falcon and the Caldari Rook
  • The Caldari Scorpion

Alpha Strike~ Last time i checked the volley from 1400’s with tremor loaded is NOT to be trifled with

  • The Minmatar Tempest

Long Range Sniper ~ 225 KM is within Easy reach, the ability to hit something that cannot even hit you back ( and hit it for some good damage)  cannot be overlooked.  Still has a gimped drone bay though:

  • The Caldari Rokh

By no means exhaustive , the list comprises some exceptionally good ships is actual use by me.  Doesn’t mean I always spend billions on fitting them up.  Special ships have more expensive modules and whatnot but being 56 Jumps from Jita and more than 58 Jumps to Rens means that finding just the right module may not be all that easy. As a rule I use T2 fittings , unless their are better T1 Meta 4 stuff around (the nuetralizers from yesterday’s post were an excellent example)

TC and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on July 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Right tool for the right job”

  1. Some ships can even HIT you from 225k!

  2. “Still has a gimped drone bay though:”


  3. How do you target a ship @ 225km if your max targetting range is 90km?

  4. Couldn't agree more about the Rokh, which is why I choose Megathron for my sniper. Surprised to see you choose the Crow as your all-around, most people don't give it much credit, but I love 'em. Very versatile ships that can fill a lot of roles, not the fastest or toughest, but I sure have pointed a lot of ships in one. I name my Crows by number, and yesterday I bought #27. I don't fly them much anymore, I like my Daredevil and Dramiel these days.

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