Old perceptions of 0.0

Having done Corp/Alliance recruiting now for a while I thought I would let folks know some decent truths.

Safety ~ ” I do not want to lose my precious”

  • Sovereignty claimed 0.0 is safer than high sec space
    • We know where enemies are all the time
    • There is only 1 way in and 1 way out for enemies, of where it is we live
    • We are DEEP in 0.0 so people must commit if they are to come and attack us

Money – ” tis what make EVE revolve”

  • We make more money than level 4 mission runners
    • Anomalies continually re-spawn
  • Escalations ( 6/10 and 10/10 complexs happen more often than you might think
  • Even mining ( which I find boring beyond belief ) can net you excellent money
  • Ice mining in 0.0 is good as well
  • Arkanor, Bistot and Crokite are very common
  • PI resources especially are more plentiful
  • The ISK level of ships ( in Anomalies/gates/etc) is higher

Convenience – ” I want it , and I want it RIGHT NOW”

  • Jump bridges are used tactically and for transportation
    • There are major network of jump bridges than can take you 40 jumps away using 3 or 4 of them
    • It is very difficult to get surrounded when all we need to do is jump through a bridge 7 gates away

Yes we walk a balance in 0.0 you have to make some money.  Those that know me know I do not risk a ship if I cannot drop into a new one at a moments notice.  As such I have many ships setup for specific roles, yes you have to invest the money but no one expects new people o come with 40 ships, start small and work up.

A given market can be smaller ( but can also be an excellent way to make money, especially with T2 components now being available now in 0.0)  One complaint is that ” You cannot get gear if the market is bad” true you cannot get gear IMMEDIATELY but many corps stock their own versions of the market for their members, and honestly except when things are REALLY scare I cannot ever remember finding a module in our corp hangers.

Targets – “stay on target”

There are always targets, living next to a NPC 0.0 area there is no lack of targets, not to mention with the resets that .-A-. did.

Political – ” All politicians lie the good ones you actually do not mind when they lie to you”

We do not like  XXX or YYYY Alliance.  Have you actually flown with them?  There are  few Alliances I do not care for but, for the most part even they have some excellent pilots and others I would just a s soon push off a short pier.  That goes for all Alliances though.

Still I cannot find a reason people do not leave the ” safety of Empire Space” Did we have any Hulks, Makinaws etc blown up from Hulkageddon III?  Nope, they never even came here.

SO with all this why do people still avoid it?  Fear of loss.  This is the number one thing I can put my finger on.

To some it up one of the newest recruits said it quite well to me:  ” well damn Manasi I did not know that it is safer here than in empire I always feared what I did not know, and frankly I did not know shit about 0.0″

Come on in, the water is fine.

~ by Manasiv5 on July 26, 2010.

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  1. I must have been lucky, but neither of my two forays into 0.0 space have made me play when I otherwise didn't want to.

    My playtime varies from week to week. Some weeks I'm on every day for hours, others I barely get on for more than skill changing. If you've a decent 0.0 corp and alliance then they will accept that people have lives outside EVE. As long as people know that you aren't going to be available then they seem to be ok with it.

    That said if there is a CTA or a home defence fleet you are expected to take part. Its the price of playing in the most lucrative part of space.

    In terms of module availability, that's up to your corp/alliance to sort out. In general we have everything available that you'd need to fit your ship. There are short term shortages, but that's the nature of things, but in general fitting isn't a problem. It does take effort, but a well stocked local market helps in so many ways, as well as generating a lot of income. Of course, this is only really possible if you have a station under your control.

  2. The biggest reason why I find myself playing my highsec toons over my NULL toons is time. Following along with #1 from stnylan. I just never seem to have the time to really get involved with NULL. Last few times I did was “off night” for fleet work and everyone was burned out from the privious week of fleet ops to form up. I fit my gaming in with my real life, not plan around it.

    Why I am playing in Lowsec with my NULL toon right now. Trying to find some solo PvP (hard thus far). It suits my gaming time better than NULL.



  3. 1. Casual play

    As you say, CTA are part and parcel of your EVE. That’s fine, but some of us like having a little less committment in our game, and that is easiest achieved in hisec.

    2. The Perception of nullsec players

    For whatever reason, the perception of nullsec players is quite negative. I personally think this has somethign to do with COAD, but also with just the great condescension a great many nullsec players profess to have of hisec players. And while I think it is not representative of the majority fo the nullsec playerbase, it is reprsenative of a large portion fo the vocal nullsec playerbase, and it is a turn-off.

    3. Thin skin

    And even then, in your recruitment post there was the bit about having a thick skin. That idea seems to occur in most recruitment efforts, and personally that is also a turn-off for me, and I know for others. Just different senses of humour I guess, but I never understood the fun of slagging each other off.

    4. Happy where I am, and with whom I am playing


    For me (1) and (4) are the main reasons why I don’t currently intend to go to nullsec.

    • Gotta agree with point 1. I’ve got enough ISKies and pixel boats that I couldn’t care less about losing any of it. However, I do consider this a game and enjoy playing it at my own pace. In my estimation to join a larger space-holding alliance implies a higher level of commitment than I feel comfortable with in a game.

  4. 0.0 can be pretty safe if you keep a eye on the intel channels and can make some serious isk aswell but i returned to high sec as i couldnt meet the commitments of CTA's

  5. That´s the spirit Magson!
    Come to the dark side.

    I´d like to add that I find 0.0 to be more personal aswell..
    In empire you rarely recognize or see the same capsuleer over and over, as there are just thousands upon thousands and they move around alot.
    Out in null you know your friends/allies better, and you come to know/recognize your enemies aswell.

  6. Post derailment:
    This is why low-sec needs to have more rewards to lure the sweet carebears out of high-sec; it’s the most dangerous place in New Eden!

  7. You glossed over the "Convenience" factor too easily. From my experience, this is the real barrier for people to overcome.

    I'm in an alliance in Stain right beside you, and I constantly see how this an obstacle for new people in the game. While we do not have a jump bridge network, we are only one carrier jump from low sec. That said, while all the jump capable pilots in the alliance are very helpful, you still might have to wait several hours to a day to get something jumped out to you.

    I have a carrier alt and it's still a pain for me. Twice this weekend I forgot one T2 module that made ships I had just brought out unflyable until I get the mods. While I can ask an alliance member to make them for me, or run 15 jumps to pick them up off the market, you can't underestimate how much more of a pain in the ass this is for most hi sec people who could instantly and safely go 5 jumps at max and pick up what they needed.

  8. I've long thought that 0.0 claimed space simply HAD to be safer than Empire just from the mechanics of how null is patrolled and such. I've liquidated nearly all of my hi-sec assets and am looking into nullsec corps now to see what will be a good fit for me. I figure I can move cash a lot more easily than 30+ ships I wasn't flying anyway, and once in my new digs I can rebuild my fleet as needed.

    Your corp is a bit more pvp oriented than I think I want right now, but I'm glad to see that you're recruiting.

  9. What about CTAs and mandatory ops?

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